Scenario simulation essay, about Aviation management.

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Please type your responses in Microsoft Word, double spacing, one-inch margins all around, and send to me via email attachment by 5:00 pm on Friday, 13 December. These are notional scenarios, I am looking for real solutions, real answers to these questions. They are thought provoking questions that require you to use all resources available.

Scenario: You have just graduated JU and have been hired as the manager of Fly-by-Night FBO at Orlando Executive Airport. Orlando Executive Airport is one of the busiest executive airports in the country in terms of transient aircraft operations. The previous FBO manager had run the place into the ground and it was very close to running out of business before a retired military pilot purchased the FBO as an investment. The new owner does not need the business as a tax write off, he actually would like for the business to earn a profit.

Requirement 1: Provide the owner a detailed plan of what you intend to do to make his FBO profitable again. For instance, what specific areas are you going to look at to determine your plan to turn the business around?

Requirement 2: How are you going to determine the appropriate pricing of your goods and services? You offer the same goods and services as your competitors at the airport; what goods and services do you offer?

Requirement 3: What are some of the benefits of your location at Orlando Executive Airport?

Requirement 4: The CEO of just flew in to your FBO at Orlando Executive Airport in his Gulfstream and asks you how much you will charge him to fly his Go-Daddy aerial banner for his new advertising campaign. He wants a competitive market price. How much are you going to charge him? (Think of this question as if it is a real-world situation, what would you do?)

Requirement 5: The FBO’s management information system consisted of a spiral notebook and a few post-it note stickies on the cover of said notebook. You can’t believe the previous manager wasn’t fired sooner than he was. Your headache now is to come up with a plan to implement a management information system. What is your plan for implementation and what areas of operations should be incorporated into the system and with what priority?

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