please follow the requirements and complete a 4 page essay

Help me study for my Communications class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

here is the requirements:

Choose 2 or more interactions from your audio clip (Part 1), and transcribe it/them (up to 1 page for each). Analyze in detail the transcribed interaction/s by engaging 2 of the following 4 prompts:

1)Describe circumstances in which the voice assistant is social. What makes the voice assistant social, how is its social character enacted and maintained?

2)Enumerate and describe aspects of the situation that make the voice assistant a thing. Do the same for those aspects that render it an agent.

3)Describe how human interactants provide “intimacy” for the voice assistant.

4)Describe how humans align with the voice assistant, how they become who they are through their interaction with the voice assistant.

Write 2 pages max. for each prompt.

I attached 5 of my audio clip and my field notes for the essay. please let me know if there is any further question


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