Doing business in Puerto Rico

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Below the criteria for the presentation.

  • Title: Provide a title for your proposal. – Doing business in Puerto Rico
  • Rationale: Identify the topic and describe why this study is needed for a given organization (include a justification of the importance of your topic either from empirical evidence or literature). – After Hurricane’s Irma and Maria in 2017, the island continues to struggle with the economy. Furthermore, many small business have disappeared from the market due the economy contraction.
  • Research Question(s): Identify one or two research questions based on the rationale. – Develop a guide to open small business in the island. – Provide the tools needed for entrepreneurs to maximize the existing incentives to open new small business in Puerto Rico.
  • Literature Review: What topics would have to be covered in your literature review? (Just list the topics.) List business theories that would be relevant to this study. Explain why they would be relevant. – Need your assistance here…
  • Methodology: Discuss the research design (e.g., qualitative case study, quantitative survey, action/evaluation research) that would be appropriate to answer your research question(s). Who would be the participants? What would be the procedures for data collection and analysis? Need recommendations here…
  • Significance: Discuss how your research would help the organization and who would benefit. – This initiative will help local individuals, to include outside investors, to look for available business options.
  • Reference list. – Need assistance here as well…


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