Answer the following questions briefly-font to be 12 double spaced.

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1- UN’s climate report paints an alarming picture about the future of the globe (UN Climate Change Report/We Have a Limited Time to Act:; spm_final.pdf). A similar report has recently been issued just for the United States:

Among other things, there will be less fresh water for irrigation, the cycles of crop growing will be disrupted, the incidence of fires will increase, sea levels will generally rise possibly affecting current hubs in logistics and distribution.

In what ways should this warning of impending climate change influence the options/alternativesavailable to Chateau de Valois? Discuss the company’s options, given the impending changes.

2- In light of President Trump’s tariffs on steel, aluminum and so on, and GM’s decision to “un-locate” its North American auto plants and expand its manufacturing presence elsewhere (mainly in China and India), re-evaluate the Opportunities and Threats PSA Peugeot Citroen’s plans to re-enter the United States market.


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