Impact training on employee performance in international marble company

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Chapter 1:introduction

MAIN BODY Chapters from 1 to 5. REFERENCES (Refer Appendix 3) All references should follow CU Harvard referencing style.

1.1. 1.2. 1.3. Background of the Study Statement of the Research Problem Aims and Objectives of the Study 1.3.1. Aims 1.3.2. Objectives 1.4. Research Questions 1.5. 1.6. 1.7. 1.8. 1.9. Scope of the Study Significance of the Study Limitation of the Study Operational Definition of Terms Structure of the Research 1.10. Summary

The purpose of this chapter is to justify the topic of the research project as being worthy of research. To do this successful the student should:  Introduce the topic and its context.  Locate the topic within current academic literature.  Draw from non-academic literature sources (e.g. specific company literature, government reports, newspapers etc.) to demonstrate the wider relevance of the topic.  Show the contemporary nature of the study.  Present the research questions to be studied as a logical consequence of the argument they have constructed.  Summarise the chapter and introduce the next chapter.

Chapter 2:literature review

Chapter Two Literature Review The purpose of this chapter is to review and critically analyse the academic literature pertinent to the project topic, project objectives, research question(s) etc – this chapter also provides material to be used in the data collection stage. To do this successfully the student should:  Ensure the reviewed literature is relevant by using the research objectives/research questions as sub-headings, at least in the draft stage.  Demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the academic debates relevant to their topic.  Critically analyse key contributions, testing their internal consistency, and acknowledging and presenting the inevitable counter-arguments.  Avoid presenting literature uncritically – this does not demonstrate understanding.  Avoid presenting only the positive side of an argument, as a researcher he/she must acknowledge and evaluate the negative aspects of their chosen topic.  Summarise the chapter and introduce the next chapter.


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