Writing Steps Two

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The purpose of this assignment (this is not an essay assignment), in addition to preparing you to excel in the objectives for writing Essay Two, is to give you more practice using critical thinking skills.

  • First, read “Writing a Review” and “Writing Analytically.” These readings are located in the Module Three Readings folder.

A. Using the specific advice given about writing reviews, complete the following:

  • Select one of the sample reviews to posted in our Blackboard site, below, in the folder named Sample Reviews for Graphic Novels.
  • Write an objective summary of the review you select (4 sentences).
  • Take the relevant characteristics of a successful review and apply to the review. Write a 1 page double-spaced analysis (not an essay–you can use bullet points) of the review based specifically on these characteristics.
  • Label each characteristic you use in your analysis.
  • See the sample student assignment, also posted in this folder.

B. Next, do the following:

  • You will be working with a text to review that has a visual component to it. You can pick one of the following: a graphic novel, music video, television show episode/ episodes, video game, documentary, or film. Think ahead to Essay Two: you do not have to write your essay on the text you write about here, but I very strongly recommend that you do so in the interest of time and effort.
  • Write a summary of the graphic novel, television show episode, video game, documentary, or film you select for this assignment (4 sentences).
  • Identify two criteria (you can find good criteria to consider in “Writing a Review” and in “Writing Analytically”) you think you might use in Essay Two.
  • “Writing a Review” explains how to analyze what you have selected to review. “Writing Analytically” explains how to identify and select fair and appropriate criteria for evaluation.
  • Write a 1 page double-spaced review. This can serve as a really rough draft for Essay Two.

Sample Reviews for Graphic Novels

Sample Student Writing Steps Assignment

“Writing a Review”

“Writing Analytically”


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