optimization models discussion

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After reviewing the optimization models in the text, select one model that you can use to improve a specific business process. Explain your reasoning. You can work with a business process at your current job, previous jobs, think of a hypothetical situation (i.e. how FedEx may be routing their shipments or how a call center may be scheduling their employees), or use the scenario from the discussion in Week 1.

Further explanation of what I am looking for in your responses (to help you succeed):

[I provide you this guidance to give you a better idea of what I am looking for in a distinguished level response. It is not meant to change any of the requirements from the University].

Ensure you correctly define optimization models and the model you choose for your example, using the text as your primary source.

In order to better qualify for a distinguished score, apply the optimization model to your current area of expertise. Feel free to begin with a hypothetical example or an example from your research and then show how it can apply to your industry / area of expertise.

See the weekly guidance for suggestions on how to solve optimization problems and how to choose the variables critical to the solution. If you cannot measure it, you cannot affect it!


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