[Solved] what is an obstacle

An obstacle is a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress (insert your citation here). Obstacles are challenges in one’s life. We all face things that we can either breakthrough or suffer. Discouragement, anger, and sadness are all emotions that you might experience when faced with an obstacle. These emotions could dissuade you from attempting to overcome the obstacle. When overcoming obstacles you have to have a flexible mind.

You have to be willing to go further in order to make things right. To think outside the box in order to be back in. Overcoming an obstacle can make a difference. In order to overcome an obstacle there are powerful ways that can help you.Those ways include: Reclaim Your power Distance Yourself From Drama Seek Out Necessary Resources Gain Perspective Evaluate The Obstacle Stay Focused And Committed Develop A Growth Mindset I plan to follow my dreams to be something better. I want to graduate High School, and go to college. I want to be a petroleum engineer.

My choices were the ones I made. My future was something I looked forward to everyday. Obstacles that can stop me from reaching my goal was negativity. The negativity that is most common in teens lives; dragging them down from becoming something is drugs, sex, gangs, violence, even family. Here is where it begins…… I began hanging with friends after school. They introduced me to marijuana, where that point I could’ve ignored it, but I didn’t.

I got addicted to it. Wanting to do it everyday. I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know how bad. Once I got into smoking, friends started asking me to skip school and smoke. I thought about skipping school, but I only decided it will be just for one day. Then skipping school began to become a habit. I forgot about the importance of school, and my education. Peers from school came suspicious of my absence. I told them the truth, they were angry. I didn’t care because I thought I had time to get my grades up, I mean afterall, my mother still doesn’t know that I been skipping school. There came to understand that I been lacking.

My mom got that report card: 36 absent days, F’s and D’s. I knew i had to get it together. I began to make standards to reach my goals. My goals seemed so hard and far away to accomplish. Where must I start? Is this the end ? I decided I was a failure, so there was no need to try. Once I realized my failure, I talked about my problems. Decided to have a prayer and ask God to help and guide me the right way.

With his help, I started making better decisions. I knew I had to stop skipping school and get it together. I accepted responsibility and accepted the consequences: report card of F and D’s. I studied hard for everything. I planned everyday after school to go home and study, I asked teachers for help. With help from others, I began to change. My report card at the end turned out to be A’s and B’s. I promised myself I would never let myself go down that road anymore.


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