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Coming from the Jamaican Rude boy culture, Rob Nester Marley remains the favorite reggae artist of all time. Even after his death at the age of 36, Bob Marley still continue to touch the hearts of many generations including those who were born after his death. His message of truth to power touched on the fundamental human need which is love, equality peace and togetherness. In the research which was intended to explore his life, Kirwan depict Bob Marley as a devout Rastafarian who influenced his own life and beliefs in a way that was universal, evocative and timeless (34). He achieved the status of sainthood when he was born in the year 1945 to the son of Sinclair Marley the father. Bob Marley spent a bigger part of his youthful life in the city of nine miles until 1957 when the family moved in the small shantytown of trench town Jamaica. It is here where he met Neville o real commonly known as bunny both bob and bunny were interested in music and by the late 50s, Bob had already dropped school to concentrate on music and his small welder job (48).

According to Alinsky, there are no set of laws for revolution any more than there are rules for love or rules for joy, but there are rules for radicals who want to transform their world (245). Bob Marley was a radical, a revolutionary leader who understood that change was essential in the society and sought to address the issue that would bring change in our society. It is within this perspective that Bob Marley sang the song Buffalo Soldier. The music is associated with the mission of Rastafarian, which is to build a new society for people who need to be liberated from oppression and discrimination. Although many view Bob Marley as a racist, he contributed a lot in peace building by his continuous commitment in human rights. In the Chant Down Babylon, Exodus and Redemption Songs Bob Marley appeals to the soul of the black people to ask serious questions about humanity and this led to call for action.

Conflict resolution and peace building is not easy in the contemporary society. Alinksy in his book the radicals, points out large organization as the main hindrance to activism by not empowering activists. The rules illustrate why the opposition groups are against the large organization and the eventual failure of the government and such other large organizations (Alinsky 67). In unique way bob Marley had his unique way of expressing dissatisfaction to the large organizations. He did not take bribe from any one and would fight impunity single-handed with music.  Even though Marley was an exceptionally reflective person who continuously looked at the globe and himself with the aim of creating a difference and it come through the music, that have become a weapon of inspiration for he made people know the truth and stand for their right as Carolyn Cooper argued in his work that is the literary text of an oral tradition.

A society without hope is perceived to be vulnerable to conflicts and instability. Bob Marley was an icon of hope and inspiration and through his lyrics and music; he began a process of self discovery, of self consciousness in Jamaica and outside. According to Clough (145), Marley offered clues and guidance for each person to build a future, diverse from the one they anticipated to inherit from the system therefore changing the world for better. In addition, Marley had a strong hate for injustice and with him was a personality to guide people. His lyrics spoke to the mind of the socially miserable and were able to inspire a sense of self-importance and strength in the face of numerous challenges. He not only entertained the congregation and his listeners but also was gifted to inspire the heartless and disheartened using the viewpoint of Rastafarianism. Even after his death he has been able to challenge the prevailing value organization of societies through the use of entertainment. According to Alinsky, the revolutionary force nowadays has two goals; morality as well as material.  The youthful protagonists are one moment suggestive of the unrealistic early Christians, yet they also urge violence and cry, destroy the system. They have no illusions about the system, but plenty of illusions about the way to alter our humankind (345).

The vision for Marley was a world free of oppression, free of discrimination, slavery and world where everyone has right and freedom of life. Bob Marley showed apprehension for the ordinary welfare of the working class and the peasant. He recognized them as one who had struggled and with extra resistance and also revealed a promise of ultimate liberation from struggle and oppression his redemption song. Marley dreamt of free legislature, in one of his songs he advocated for a change in legislative regimes and urged people to remain suspicious of politicians who according to him created disillusionment with existing in value system. Marley had a greet vision for children and encouraged. In his vision for a world full of love, Bob composed the song “one love’ which he intended to emphasize to his listeners the need for everyone to show love. He worn the title ambassador of universal global peace for he dreamt and advocated for the world full of peace and harmony. In One of the line of the he says “Lets us get together and feel alright”, he felt that if peace and conflict less society is to be a reality then everyone including the children must be united to work as brother and sister. It’s true that Marley was a pace setter and that is why his words which always stuck to anyone who listen to his music are highly treasured. He always spoke and stood for the truth because it’s only truth which stands the test of time and therefore had power to influence change in the world.

Truth is power and telling the truth is part of peace building and also conflict resolution. Kirwan (117) defines telling truth as the process that allows people to explore the self. Although kirwan believed that pretence is both constructive and also destructive, the real truth is cannot create anxiety. Through his music Bob Marley was able to not only bring the point of view of Rastafarian society to the world but was also able to offer the autonomy for new supporters of Rastafarian, by preaching for harmony and oneness he was able to put further a viewpoint of humanity (234) . He prophesied that the world will be a good place to leave one day, when all individuals would come to the light to demand for their justice whenever oppression was in the system (253). This was in line with the thoughts of Martin Luther King, a man whose dream was to have a united world where racism was a thing of past. Marley often said to the admirers of his work that he was not special but what he did was “Jahs” (as the Rastafarian God) works. In everything he did bob argued that he did it for “Jah”.

 The deep individual dedication that Marley felt about Rasta could be equated to his love for composing songs which were very spiritual. Youth can greatly benefit from the dedicated lifestyle of bob Marley and get encouraged to struggle for their rights and freedom .by teaching the youths to be themselves and not tolerating oppression of any kind, Marley’s songs delivered optimism and insight to lift poor, oppressed people out of hopelessness and to. People found themselves excited, calmed, moved to tears, perplexed by it and often distressed by Marley’s music which everyone felt they had a message which needed to be delivered home. Many testify being comforted by them. The message came as a motivation for youths to stand and not to give up at a time when the injustices were at the pick during apartheid, slavery and oppression.

Though it was not part of his vision to die, it is his influence that somehow ignited his death. The CIA executed the plan when Marley tried on a boot that was whole heartedly given to him by a fan. Little did he know that the fan was none other than Carl Colby, the son of CIA Director William Colby. The boot was fixed with a small syringe with a fast-acting cancer agent which ended his life prematurely. Bob spoke spiritual reality to authority leading to his death in 1976. When he refused to support the U.S. backed puppet presidential candidate of Jamaica. Two days before the “Smile Jamaica” festival Marley’s home was shot up with routine weapons and he received two bullet wounds. This indicate that Bob was a threat to all leaders who just wanted to oppress the poor and also those who flocked into the system any form of impunity all over the world, therefore Marley can be said to be a man who did everything to help the world through preaching peace love and unity (Kirwan 589).

Everything in life is positive according to Victor (741), it is only how people perceive things .The positive mind of Marley was able to put on air to the world the very individual and philosophical group reasoning’s that have become a part of the belief of knowledge manufacture developed by Rastafarians. His concern for the world individual autonomy was one of his main agenda, he new if individual spoke their mind the system would progress well without oppression.  Victor says that if one does not believe that something is right, the best thing is that one can do is to change it. Taking personal responsibility of what is happening around us should be everyone’s plan of action (840). Although freedom seemed impossible in the world of tyranny Bob asked everyone to unite cheering up for only freedom would come as a result of unity as it’s seen in his song cheer up. He assured people that impunity will come to pass and freedom from oppression will soon be things of the past and therefore he was a path setter and a youth mobilizer. According to Victor (766) Spiritual freedom can be preserved by human beings in order to have independence of mind during times of fatal physical or psychic stress. He argues that everything but one can be taken away from man; the freedom to choose attitude. Alinsky on his part tried to inflict positive attitude to salutes the present generation and request them to hang on to one of the most precious parts of their youth, that’s laughter (678). He requested the youth not to lose it as many of the youth seem to have done, assuring the youth that they need laughter. Like Marley who always in his songs talked of unity and love, Alinsky also told the youth the youth to look for several things i.e laughter, beauty, love (712).

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