[Solved] research curse or blessing

As we know, everything has two sides. Electricity can shock one to death if used carelessly. Smoke from factories and gases from cars are terrible pollutants. Radium used in nuclear power plants can lead to a nuclear war. The misuse of scientific discoveries must be prevented. Since chemical elements or substances were discovered, some have been made use of for purpose of war. Such weapons as atomic bombs or poisonous gases have proved to be destructive to mankind. Therefore, it is the whole world’s duty to prevent scientific discoveries from menacing the human race.

Scientific Discovery – Curse or Blessing With the rapid development of the science and technology, there is an increasing tree ND that new scientific discoveries are coming into being like bamboo shoots after a spring aria n. New scientific discoveries nearly always bring mankind blessings. It is no doubt the at we are enjoying all kinds of products, such as computers by which we can freely he AR soft music, comfortably watch favorite film fashion to us, and excitedly chat with Fri. ends or relationships far away. Mobile phone, which is also an efficient and portable tool, gives rise to our lives’ change.

Therefore we said that some new scientific produce TTS are taking an important role in daily people’s lives, not only in working environment , but also in even more private use. As a result, so many people call for their arrival a ND well prepare to try new scientific products applying. Yet sometimes scientific discoveries may prove a curse upon the human race. There I famous saying, “Every coin has two sides”. Along with new scientific discoveries’ diva montage, we have to accept their all shortcomings. High scientific technology crimes app ear in Television or newspaper we can see.

Some virtual scene where the young is fast canted to Join enables them to hesitate. All these things may affect people’s normal lie eves. Taking another example, terrorists usually take use of scientific discoveries to face e us in danger. So people horrified and opposed these new products. Different voices shouted to us to firmly object new scientific discoveries. In some sense people worry about those negative effects, especially to endanger people life. Scientific Discovery: Curse or Blessing? By Greenmailing The misuse of scientific discoveries must be prevented.

It is high time for government to make out some policies to protect local people, and limit some illegal things. At the e same time it should encourage scientists to invite some new high scientific technology gay products because although both of these two types of effects are new, maybe bring g about some negative side effects, is still inevitable to us. We should not attach pure goodness and not to consider badness to such trends. No matter with you hold, new scientific discoveries would become one of the most authoritative voices speaking to us.

I do believe that so long as we make good preparations, we will perform well in the future. The advantages and disadvantages of science and technology With the development of science and technology, people’s lives have been greatly changed. There is no doubt that we benefit a lot from the scientific advancements in many different ways. For instance, the invention of computers dramatically increases work efficiency and helps complete many difficult tasks that were impossible in the past. Apart from this, new discoveries and technology in medicine improve people’s health, which allows them to enjoy a longer life.

The progress of science also enlarges humans abilities o explore the world around them, from up into space to deep under the sea. Thanks to the development of science and technology, human society has enjoyed continuous prosperity and more convenience. AI However, Just like a double- edged sword, science can cause problems too. It is known to all that the nuclear power, an environmentally friendly source of energy, can also be developed into a weapon of mass destruction. In addition, human cloning, which is expected to cure many serious diseases and save lives, may bring disasters of social morality.

As a tater of fact, most of the improvements in science are made at the cost of our precious natural resources and have done great harm to the environment where we live in. AI Therefore, how to deal with the progress of science and technology properly is worth our careful consideration. Nowadays,more and more hi-tech tools,such as calculator,computer,etc,appear in our daily life. We use them wherever and whenever we are,so that our life becomes easier and more comfortable than before. However,does anyone think about what problems science and technology have caused to happen in this world?

To some degree,it’s more serious than that we consider. We human indeed use them to improve our living standard,but on the other hand,we are becoming lazier,more reliable than we used to be. All day long those hi-tech products accompany us,then we have either no space or time to think,as well,communication between each other decreases,and what takes place of it is the huge indifference and gap among human. To solve these problems,we should in no time take measures to do with them. Firstly,communicate with others and think on your own more. Secondly,decrease the times you use hi-tech tools. For


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