[Solved] requirements analysis

The reason that am using this technique, many software teams discovered that mixing use-case modeling techniques for requirements expression along with rotational methods of documenting specific requirements within a “software requirements specification” (SIRS) document provides an efficient means to record the complete set of detailed requirements for a system or application to be built. System Features: Requirements for Student Registration: Description and priority: This feature would be designed to register a new student to the web student registration system.

Every new student who wants to have access to online registration for classes has to be a registered member of the system. This process is of high priority. Response sequence: In response of student register web page, a blank web form will be displayed for entering the record. All the fields must be filled correctly in order to save the record in web database. Functional requirements: ARQ-II: maintain profile ARQ-02: register for class ARQ-03: create registration invoice Verification and validation: 1.

Click on the register button 2. Student Registration web form will be opened 3. Enter all necessary record in each separate field 4. Click on Save button for saving record in the database 5. On submit, validate each field against the required information 6. If all record validated and employed, provide student with the conformation of record saving 7. If not, then provide information about the reason due to which record is not saved e. G. Some field information not entered or not matched with the required data type.

Requirements for student login: This feature is designed to let the registered students to view their profile, make changes to it and the most importantly register for specific class. This process is of high priority. Response sequence: In response of requesting login to system, a login form will be displayed. Student has to enter their surname and password to enter to the system. Functional requirements: : view profile ARQ-02: Change password ARQ-03: Register for class 1 . Open Login web form 2.

Enter surname and password in separate fields 3. Authenticate the credentials 4. If approved, lead to the page requested 5. If not, redirect to Login page again Requirements for registering a student for a class: This feature is designed to register the student for a specific class. All the registered members of the system would be able to see the list of classes for which they want to register. Before they can register for a specific class, a student needs to be logged in to the system. This process is of high priority.

Response sequence: In response of register for class, a drop down list of classes would be given. From this list, students have to select the class of their choice to study. After the selection of the class, they submit their request to the system. Functional Requirements: ARQ-II : confirms registration ARQ-02: prints confirmation slip 1. Login to the page first 2. If approved, move to page of register for class 3. Select the class for which you want to register 4. If registration accomplished then give approval/ conformation for it and print conformation receipt.


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