[Solved] removal of indians essay research paper the

Removal Of Indians Essay, Research Paper

The determination of the Jackson disposal to take the Cherokee Indians to set down west

of the Mississippi River in the 1830 s was more a reformulation of the national policy that

had been in consequence since the 1790 s than a alteration in the policy.

*Assess the validility of this generalisation with the mention to the moral, political,

constitutional, and practical concerns that shaped national Indian policy between 1789 and

the mid 1830 s.

The Removal of the Native Indians to the West

Between the 1790 s and the mid 1830 s, the national Indian policy changed in

many facets. Cherokee Indians were driven out to the West of the Mississippi from their

fatherland when the Jackson adminstration confirmed their remotion. The cause of this

alteration in policy was chiefly brought up by Andrew Jackson, president of United States of

America during the 1830 s. Harmonizing to Jackson, he claimed that the actions were made

for the Native Indian s benefit, but he was merely making this because he wanted to command

the sum of land the Indians occupied. He was non merely go againsting Native Indian s rights,

but their rights as a Nation. Before the 1820 s and 30 s, the Indians were treated with

regard and had right as a State, but Jackson changed all this when he became the

president of the United States of America.

In 1789, ( Doc B ) Henry Knox expressed his feelings that the Indians have the right

to possess their land because they were the anterior residents. This was morally right. In

( Doc C ) , he shows regard towards the Indians by explicating that Indian can populate civilized

and be humane. This was true in many facets. ( Doc L ) showed that Indians lived a really

civilised life. Many assorted blood Indians were really successful with their agriculture and lived

really prosperously. Not merely that, but they besides had slaves to work for them.

Furthermore, in ( Doc D ) the Intercourse Act in 1802 gave Indians more rights by saying

that no Americans should interfere with Indian land. Any interlopers were capable to

penalty. ( Doc G ) supports this besides by saying that invasion upon Indian land is a

misdemeanor. The Cherokees even had their ain alph

abet system harmonizing to the ( Doc K ) .

This showed that they were non barbarian as how the Americans saw them. All of these

morally, practically, constituionally and politically supported the Indians.

All of this was to alter with the rise of president Jackson and few other

provokers. In the early 1820 s Calhoun denounced the Indians by mentioning them as

barbarians. In ( Doc J ) , he believed that Indians system was excessively weak and needed radically

alteration to be successful. He believed that it should be brought upon American s authorization

and Torahs or they will populate in wretchedness. He shows complete discourtesy for the Indians in ( Doc

B ) by saying that Indians were against the Americans by non giving up land to them. He

wanted the Indians to possess perfectly no land. Calhoun saw the Indians as his

enemies. Furthermore, Jackson in ( Doc O ) shows complete neglect of the Indians as a

State by denoting that they should follow the provinces Torahs if they wanted to remain. This

meant that the Indians would non be able to maintain their civilization, and their manner of life. But

in 1832, ( Doc P ) supported the Indians, when John Marshall clarified that they were a

distinguishable folk and should non be interfered by Georgia. But his decison had small impact

when Jackson ignored it with contempt.. Jackson thought they should take over because

they were superior and needed to spread out to the West in order to go wealthier. In

( Doc A ) , the map shows that Jackson took the last spot of Indian land. He literally drove

them out by butchering them in conflicts when the Indians did non concerted with his

orders. He could hold left the Indians peacefully but his purposes were to acquire them out

of his state.

The Americans explain that they were making it for the Indians benefits. They

believe that they were being honest and carnival for the Native Indians but in world, the

United States of America forced resettlement of Native Americans. They showed no rights

for the Indian s rights and wholly disregarded them as a State. This will let for

the barbarous interventions of other civilizations and people who occupy the land of the United

States of America, and further mistreatment of the Indians subsequently on.


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