[Solved] reflective writting

The CAES course in this semester covers some useful and practical materials like interview skills and tips for writing resumes. Nevertheless, the most impressive things in this course is that, during the tasks given, it changes my attitudes toward job searching that I have realized the importance of building up a network ,preparation and research for finding a job and career planning. One of the tasks in the course IWP requires us to hold an interview with our buddy to discuss and share his career. Our team then designed to interview a person in investment bank field.

However, some teammates and I quickly found that we were in a predicament that we do not have such friends in our network. Fortunately, one of our teammates finally found a friend working in this field. However, it has already let me realize the importance of a building up a wide network and reflect my narrow network. Moreover, during the interview, our interviewee Leo told us that one key thing for his success is the network provided by CEDARS as it provided some workshops for investment bank interview and the director of CEDARS even became his referee which were advantages for his job searching.

It further makes me determined to wider my network. To wider my network, I have decided to participate in some mentorship programmes organized by the faculty and the university. These programme, like BEA Mentorship Programme 2011, aim to provide a tailor-made matching with mentors from a variety of business fields, ranging from Finance & Investing to Public Relations & Marketing which will be conducive to their future career development.

These programmes would then certainly provide me an opportunity to meet people in different aspects and thus wider my network. During the interview, I have also realized the importance of preparation and career planning. In the interview, Leo told us that he have already planning to work in investment bank field starting from year 2 study and thus he have done a lot of preparation to achieve. For instance, he joined a Summer Internship in S&P which is working as equity research and he also did a lot of research online about the job specific in the field.

Compare to him, it shows that I am inadequate in preparation and career planning, like when I asked to writing my own resume, hardly can I enrich my resume as I lack such relevant experiences. Moreover, even though I am interested in finance field, I only have little understanding about the job specific of finance jobs which is quite insufficient. Therefore, to be well prepared and planned for my career, I have decided to do a lot of thing to enrich my resume and understanding of my interested field.

First, I will try my best to find a relevant internship in summer. I will pay more attention to the opportunities given by the faculty and actively search the job-searching websites like jobsdb. com. Second, I will also regularly join the recruitment talk hosted by some finance companies to further understand the career outlook. Thus, I would say that this course is quite valuable to me as it not only provides me some practical skills, but also refreshes my attitudes toward job searching and career planning.


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