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Asia is indeed a haven of diverse art and culture. Asia’s vibrant explosion of dance and art was depicted last February 7, 2013 with the program entitled ‘’Mugna sa MAPEH’’ as a part of IHK’s 11th year anniversary. The sequence of the show revealing one of Southeast Asia’s most famous dances from early times up to its modern genres was performed by MAPEH major students along with the faculty and staff of IHK. The performance was greatly appreciated by the audience as it shows what Asian nations have got when it comes to culture and art.

The presentation delves more about the dance cultures of different Southeast Asian nations namely from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, India and Thailand. The dance presentation did not only exemplified the varied genres of dance from our neighboring Asian nations because it also gave a glimpse of what their culture is through their dance from their respected country of origin. The wardrobe was also incredible as it naturally blends with the dance presentation.

One of the characters that was been adored by the audience was the man who impersonated a western wanderer carrying a sword wearing a ship captain’s hat, the western impersonator resembled like much of that a European journeyer during the 1600’s when the search for the pearl of the orient seas was still on its prime. The said western man performed with vigor and with a twist of humor as he go along from island to island just for his quest to find the so called pearl of the orient seas.

From the kimono ladies of Japan, itik-itik dancers from the Philippines to the Muslim dancers of India and there’s so much more to mention. The spectacle showed that every Asian nation has its own unique thriving culture and practice. Asia’s culture diversity made the world recognize it as the cradle of all cultures. As stated, the spectacle did not only execute the dance genres of earlier times but also includes the current trending genres of music and dance, for example KPop bringing in all girl groups 2n1 and Wonder Girls and with Taiwan’s all time favorite boy group, the F4.

MAPEH major students really did a good job for displaying the pride of our country. Witnessing such performance is very important not only as a Filipino but also as an Asian. The ones who appreciated the show will enable themselves to get acquainted regarding the cultures in which they thrive in and get to know what it truly means to be an Asian through knowing its diverse and brilliant cultures.

As a Filipino citizen and also as an Asian it is our responsibility to acknowledge and to recognize our own culture from the arts, music, dance, drama that not only from the classical times but also to our present generation. So that no matter or whatever kind of challenges or trials that may come upon our society, we will still be able to cope up and staying who and what we are while preserving the heritage that was left on us.

The entire performance was indeed fulfilling both in the viewer’s eye and mind especially to those who want to enhance their own knowledge about Asia’s rich culture. Even the spectators are alike, they still unite in their applause on the performers. The event was both entertaining and educating because not only it is amusing but also widens the viewer’s idea what cultures of Asia is all about. Most of the audience was composed of VSU students who did not fail to give the performers a warm admiration on their talents.


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