[Solved] questions and answers about nestle case

1.On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being ‘very difficult’), how difficult will it be for Chris Johnson to make a success of his new job?

•On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the difficulty level as 9, because of the following reasons •Difference with Corti over staffing issues
•Limited knowledge of Chris about SAP and IT makes the job more tedious. •Time constraint to finish the project in nearly 3 years (mid-2000 to 2003) failing which will cause financial losses. •Lack of knowledge on “Globe Program” for employees makes the issue a time consuming one.

2.What factors, and which people, will be the keys to success for Chris Johnson in this new job? Answer:

•The fact that the “GLOBE program” is to be run by business manager and not by an IT specialist is an added advantage for Chris as he is a Business Manager.

•Mario Corti and Peter Brabeck have given their full support and freedom to Chris Johnson.

•Staffing desired people of Chris Johnson’s choice would be a major key to success.

•IT Consultants from SAP and PwC who will be providing Technical support will be crucial in GLOBE’s Success.

•Having a core team with members each from Nestlé’s Geographical location Americas, Europe, AOA and from various department’s like communication, sales and marketing, technical and supply chain, finance and administration is a decisive factor which will be one of the key to success.

3.What would you advise Chris for his upcoming meeting to discuss staffing with Mario Corti? What position should he take, and why? If he follows your advice, what are the ramifications for him, and how should he deal with those? Consider the following options: a)Take Corti’s suggestions. You need Corti’s support, and he wants the program to succeed. He knows the people he is recommending, and you do not. b)Compromise as necessary. Find out which people he most wants you to take, and take them, but as few as possible. c)Make it clear that you will make the personnel choices. Accept no one that you do not really want. Answer:

•My advice to Chris would be to make it clear to Corti that, he would make his own decision in staffing because of the following reasons •Most of the employees who Mario Corti recommended are either close to retirement, or involved in a failure project “IMPACT” which was similar to GLOBE or they were not respected by people in the market. •As Chris is leading the project GLOBE he should be deciding the staffing plans rather than Corti as it makes it easier for Chris to assign and plan the work. •As whole responsibility for project GLOBE is given to Chris, staffing alone should not be decided by Corti as it spawns unwarranted problems inside the team which affects the delivery. •He can convince Corti for his difference over staffing plan by promising Corti and Peter Brabeck that he would take full responsibility of the team and for their timely delivery.


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