[Solved] question and short answer

Q1.      The use of the assertion of the assertion that “the modern university has become a kind of intellectual shopping mall” by Schwartz gives a comparison of how the modern university has become a place of diverse choices for students just as shopping malls provide diversity of choice for its customers. This is quite comparison is evident when he claims of the numerous varieties of similar products we find in the shopping malls, all tailored to satisfy the diversity of our desires. In comparison, Schwartz asserts the fact that the modern university is marked with many courses for students to chose from depending on their desires. This brings the problem of making the right course choice just like it is hard to decide the type of product to purchase given numerous choices.

            Of Schwartz’s assertion, the claim that the modern university provides a variety of courses upon which students can chose from is quite convincing because upon qualifying to join the university, the candidate finds various courses to choose for their future professional career. On the other hand, the claim that the modern university provides what its customers demands is the least convincing as even from his statistics, on the number of courses offered by universities are limited and dictates for reasonable course combinations. As Schwartz argues, choices are not bad. This means that for enhancing our wellbeing, the human community should provide bounded freedom of choice.

            According to Schwartz, all undergraduate students should not do the same type of courses. Nevertheless, such courses should be structured to not only to limit the problems associated with abundance and choice but also to enhance the concept of nurturing interpersonal relations among students. However, there is much need to promote the concept of choice in the university. This is because it enhances respect for student desires. According to him students are increasingly taking even three major courses. This combination not logically negated as it serves as a reliable source of diversification of employment risks. Just to be appreciated is the fact that given the modern economic dynamics professional flexibility remains a crucial tool for ensuring sustainable survival in the competitive job market.

            On a personal opinion, the university is like a kind of a shopping mall is simply due to its quest to satisfy the diverse academic desires of human community. Just to be appreciated is the fact that academic fields of interest are increasingly cropping up in the community. Such dictate for implementation of changes in the learning institutions to accommodate them. Another reason is the quest for financial gains. Institutions, just like any other investment are increasingly out to gain an economic advantage over other.

Q2.      The approach used by Schwartz to drive home his point is based in comparison of the university and other occurrences in real life commonly experienced by the common members of the community. By citing the shopping mall as a source for compromising the unique ability of an individual to choice a product brand from available brands, Schwartz finds much convincing power in citing the numerous courses in the university has a source of failure in choice by students. According to him, the escalating problem evident among university students is due to the problem of poor choices of courses. This is quite effective as due to the eminent course variety, many students find it hard to make the best choice.

            Another comment by Schwartz is that of lack of information and intellect by students to make informed university course decisions. According to available statistics, it is quite clear that most university students are rarely mature enough to know with certainty the type of career to pursue in their future. This compromises their individual ability to make informed decisions, a factor that leads to eminent confusion and dissatisfaction in their choices. Still, the university has neglected its purpose in providing guidance to students on matters of course choosing. Due to this reason, students find less hope in life, a factor that leads to their employment in lowly paying jobs. According to recent research findings, majority of university graduates are not contented with the jobs they are currently involved in as they keep on wishing for their dreamed career jobs positions.

            On the use of personal example by Schwartz, it is quite ineffective since it waters down his argument to a personal experience rather than a research finding. True to the word, the underlying principles of academic writing, any arguments given should be qualified by authentic sources. Nevertheless, Schwartz fails in this aspect by giving his own personal experience, which can only be assumed true by faith rather than proof. In my opinion, the use of personal opinion by Schwartz compromises the persuasiveness of his argument. They negate the statistical fact he had claimed since the beginning of the article. All these have the final implication of making the readers question of motives behind Schwartz’s argument. All in all, Schwartz’s point on the modern university as a kind of shopping mall is still expressed clearly with consisted real life examples.


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