[Solved] quantitative analysis


The University Hotel wished to evaluate the existing facilities at the City Hotel. And further to evaluate the existing facilities are satisfying by the travelers of both business and pleasure visits.
The reason of taking two different groups of people is to evaluate the most important facilities (factors) for all, further to conclude that whether the facilities are up to their needs.

Research Methodology:

The data collected through the survey and the Questionnaire has developed with 17 different facilities and asked travelers who visit and stay at the hotel to rate from 1 to 5 rating scale, and for both existing facilities ‘performance’ and the ‘importance’. Where 1 is Strongly Disagree and 5 is Strongly Agree.

Totally 265 respondents (Travelers) were answered the survey to help in better understanding of the existing facilities and how each facility is important, there 146 respondents are visited the hotel as a part of their business purpose where 119 respondents of pleasure visit.

The Mean and Standard deviations of each facility are calculated to interpret the top facilities performing well and top important facilities by respondent.

Mean: Mean is one of the important form of mathematical average, and it extracts average rating of the respondent on each facility.

Standard Deviation: It is the best measure to see how the numbers are dispersed, if the standard deviation value is close to mean or less than mean then the dispersion is less, where in other hand if the standard deviation is greater than the mean value the numbers widely dispersed.

Quantitative analysis 3

Scatter Plots used to identify what set of facilities are under Strengths, Weak, Opportunity and Threat level. Scatter Plot is a two dimensional plot by taking Performance on Y axis and Importance on X axis.

Testing of hypothesis used to test whether there any significance difference between the perceptions of facilities available in the hotel by Business visitors and Pleasure visitors.

Analysis and Interpretation:

The survey basically extracts two different types of results; one is the perceptions (ratings) of the existing facilities where the second one is of how much each facility is important to the visitor. The analysis carried out by first interpreting the Descriptive Statistics Mean and Standard Deviation.

Descriptive Statistics for Performance Ratings:

The facilities having less than 2.5 average rating are highlighted in red, are least in performance.

The least performance facilities are Wireless broadband connection, Mini-Bar, Tennis Court; these facilities got very low average rating on performance.

Quantitative analysis 4

Where a-la-carte restaurant, in-room cable television, express check-out, free daily newspaper are the top facilities on performance. And the standard deviations for all the facilities (ratings) are not more than the Mean value, so the numbers are less dispersed.

(There are three different group of facilities based on performance scores, which are highlighted with three different colors. If the Mean rating is greater than 3 is colored with Green, if the Mean rating is between 2.5 and 3 then with yellow, and for facilities which is having Mean rating less than 2.5 colored with Red)

The following table is the descriptive statistics (Mean and Standard Deviation) of the facilities on Importance by the respondent.

The top most important facilities by visitors are

Quantitative analysis 5

family restaurant
express check-out
tennis courts
in-room pay movies
swimming pool
a-la-carte restaurant
free daily newspaper
room service
games room
express check-out

Where the least (average) important facilities are

wireless broadband connection throughout hotel
valet parking
in-room broadband connection
in-room cable television (foxtel)
tour booking service

Quantitative analysis 6

It is very clearly showing that there is no exactly least important facility by the Traveler (either Business / Pleasure visitor), since the Mean ratings for all the facilities got more than 2.5 where 11 facilities are most important and 6 are fairly important.

The following table is the Mean ratings on facilities, from both Business and Pleasure visitors.

The above table clearly showing that visitors for Business Purpose and visitors who came for pleasure, both are saying that all the given facilities are important for them, where Room service, Family Restaurant, express check-out, a-la-carte restaurant  and swimming pool are the top most important facilities.

So clearly the importance on each facility is approximately same for both Business and Pleasure travelers.

In other hand both Business and Pleasure visitors had rated Tennis Court, Mini-Bar and wireless broadband connection throughout hotel are the least in performance.

Quantitative analysis 7

To conclude the above results, by using significance testing; to test whether there is any significant difference between the perceptions of existing facilities and performance by both Business and Pleasure visitors. Ran t test on the raw data of Business and Pleasure visitor’s ratings and for both Performance and Importance individually; the results interpreted below. Significant Testing for Mean ratings of all facilities by Business visitors and Pleasure visitors ran, under assumption that there is no significant difference among the perceptions on facilities existing in the hotel and their respective importance.

The above table shows the significant results for all the facilities performance rating by Business and Pleasure travelers. Since Family restaurant is one of most important facility by both type of visitors, it is clearly showing that there is a significant difference, where all other top rated facilities are significant, that is there is no significant difference between the perceptions of both business and pleasure visitors into the hotel.

Quantitative analysis 8

The above table is of significant a result of Facility Importance by both Business and it is clearly inferring that most of the top important facilities are significant; expect Room Service, Wireless broadband connection throughout hotel, family restaurant.

Two dimensional (Scatter Plot) chart for all the facilities on Performance versus Importance:

Taken the Mean ratings of all facilities Importance scores on X axis and Performance on Y axis, the reason of plotting this is to identify the relationship between the Importance of Each facility and how they are performed by the hotel.

Below is the scatter plot (Two dimensional chart) between Performance and Importance.

Quantitative analysis 9

The visitor (either Business or Pleasure traveler) clearly showing more interest (Important) on facilities like; Room Service, Family Restaurant, Express Check in and Tennis Court, so ultimately they expect more service on these facilities from the hotel management. But the performance is not up to the consumer’s expectations. And also for all facilities the segment has created in the above scatter plot, whether performance of each facility is reaching consumer’s expectations or not.


The perception about all most important facilities by both Business and Pleasure travelers is significantly same but not for Room Service.

Quantitative analysis 10

The Performance and Importance trade chart can be interpreted as follows:

•         Leverage for the future (In-room cable television, In room broadband connection):

•         High motivation to visitor’s value

•         Hotel Management gets less credit for delivering these facilities

•         Improvement in these areas may helps in getting more reputation about hotel, and also aid in expansion efforts

•         Leverage Now (a-la carte restaurant, express check out, free daily newspaper, swimming pool, games room, in-room pay movies, gymnasium)

•         High motivation to visitor’s value

•         Hotel management gets credit for delivering these facilities

•         Continue to leverage these key benefits as points of differentiation

•         Trade – Out  (tour booking service, valet parking, wireless broadband throughout hotel, mini-bar)

•         Less motivating to visitor’s value

•         Hotel Management gets less credit for delivering on these facilities

•         There may be opportunities to make changes or trade-outs from this area with little visitor’s impact

Quantitative analysis 11

•         Maintain (Room Service, Family Restaurant, Express check-in and Tennis Court)

•         Less motivating to consumer value

•         Hotel Management gets credit for delivering on these facilities

•         These facilities may be the foundation of the benefits the Hotel offers and should be maintained


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