[Solved] purdue owl or apa manual

While reviewing the 407X D2L there are many available resources to the returning students. While reviewing the important information provided to use, three of the resource that can be used to improve your professional writing skills are Flex Writing Coach, UWM Writing Center, and Purdue Owl or APA manual. Flex Writing Coach can be found at [email protected] The flex writing coach will help improve paper you for your assessments, review any failed work, and ease your anxiety on writing. UW Writing Center is another great resource that can found at http://uma.edu/writing-center/resources/writer-resources/style-guides-and-tutorials. These writers are there to help one-on-one in confidentially to help with your writing skills. The last resource is Purdue Owl and APA manual.

With these sites available to use, writing a well-written paper is important to a professional nurse. Writing is very important. Writing is based primarily on your work and learning, but it allows you to build your skills. If it’s a simple email to a letter of the profession, writing shows your professional skills and knowledge.

While writing citing your paper is a way to give your author credit for the work that you would like to use in your paper. Citing an in-text citation (that’s not a direct quote) in APA format will include your author and date. An example reference from the Learning Path, Szabo and Underwood (2004) investigated the attitudes of students within higher education towards Internet plagiarism (Kenny, 2007). Citing direct quotes are a little different. The correct way to document in APA style a direct quote, you need to include the author, year of publication, and page number of the quote. An example of this would be: Tilley (2001) describes the process of apprenticeship as ‘watching and learning, the coaching followed by hands-on practice’ (p. 205)

A proper way to cite a textbook in a reference list Uses the textbook required for this 407X competency set to give an example of how to format a textbook in a reference list using correct APA style format. According to the APA rules for citing a textbook depends on who many authors. A basic requirement in a book citation would include last name author, the year of the publication, the tile of the book, and the page number. Masters, K. (2015). Role development in professional nursing practice (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.


Plagiarism occurs when a person uses someone else’s words or ideas without giving them proper credit. Writing without Plagiarism. (2018, July). In Plagiarism occurs when a person uses someone else’s words or ideas without giving them proper credit. Retrieved November 5, 2018, from https://guides.library.uwm.edu/noplagiarism. Basically avoiding plagiarism is important due to the fact you are using another person words and not giving them credit. I look at it as plagiarism is stilling. The verb to plagiarise is defined as to ‘take and use (another’s thoughts or writings) as one’s own’ (Allen, 1984).

Larkham and Manns (2002) suggest that most academic institutions view plagiarism to be a sub-section of cheating and commonly utilize the phrase ‘seeking to gain unfair advantage’ (pp. 348) as their description of the offense, Kenny (2007). Unintentional plagiarism is commonly done when one isn’t sure on how to cite the source correctly. This can be avoided by using your resources available to you such as the flex writing coach to help explain/clarify correct documentation.

The UW-Milwaukee Library Guide

The more keyword the smaller your research, using key work with and in-between will help narrow your search. Adding on key terms will link all your keywords together to help the best fit your search. Seach Culturally competent and nursing care for refugees and population. My second search – Second keywords/search terms or phrases (example “nursing care refugees”) used and any filters applied (example “nursing journals) 22526 results are in the database under everything. When adding journals as a search no results found.

Nursing Databases

List three appropriate databases listed that can be used to search for professional nursing research, literature and evidence-based practice resources include CINAHL Plus with Full Text, PubMed (Medline), PsycINFO, Cochrane Library. The importance of using an EBP resource due to the research, evidence on best practice, and consideration of the patient needs will improve a higher level of care. While using this research bettering the patient’s outcomes, increasing the safety of the patient and improving the quality of life while learning healthcare today.


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