[Solved] ptlls assignment 5 essays

This also presents the opportunity for the husband and wife to show their continued love and commitment to one another even after ten years. In taking on this project it will be fulfilling a dream for the couple as well as honing project management skills for the new project manager. Overview of Deliverables: A detailed breakdown of the deliverables can be found in the work break down structure (WEBS) in Appendix A of this document. All of the deliverables will be done by the completion date and include. 1. 0 Pre-Vowel renewal Planning 2. 0 Vowel renewal Ceremony 3. 0 Reception 4. Pre-honeymoon Planning 5. 0 Honeymoon . 0 Project management Specific Project Objectives and Success Criteria: 1. The project objective is to plan and execute a vowel renewal and honeymoon for a ten year anniversary to take place on March 28, 2015. 2. The initial goals of the project are defined above in the project justification section. A breakdown of these goals as they relate to different areas can be found below. 3. Schedule a. The projects goal is a vowel renewal ceremony in front of family and friends that imitates a traditional wedding on the ten year anniversary of March 28, 2015. B.

There is also the goal off honeymoon on a cruise ship to follow tarring the day after the vowel renewal and lasting for a week. C. Childcare will need to be arranged for the duration of the cruise and include the time it takes to travel to and from the port. D. The availability of all involved including team members, guests, and outside services will be scheduled to work with time constraints. E. Others on the project team will need to provide updates to the project manager as activities outlined in the schedule are completed until 6 months out from the completion date at which time weekly updates need to be f.

With such a long duration till completion only quarterly updates are even. Required from the project manager till the completion date is within six months at which time weekly updates to all stakeholders need to be made. 4. Costs g. The projected budget for this project is $10,000 based on a preliminary estimate of the total cost. H. Given the long duration budgeting status will be given on a quarterly basis until the completion date is six months out at which time the status will be given on a weekly basis by the project manager. 5. Quality i.

The vowel renewal ceremony will be fashioned after a traditional wedding. J. The ceremony will be free of interruptions. K. The reception will also be traditional with music, food, and toasts following the ceremony. L. The honeymoon will be on a reputable cruise line with a week’s duration. M. A risk management plan will be created and the project manager will review the plan regularly to address any risks that occur. The project manager will assure decorations for both the ceremony and reception meet the requirements laid out by the requirements document.

Scope Management Issues: The projects scope will include the vowel renewal ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. All objectives for this project will pertain to the goals of the project. There will not be added goals in the form of events before or after the projects scheduled duration. The project is top priority until completion. Any scheduling conflicts will be addressed by the Project Manager and customer at the time of conflict. All efforts will be made by the Project Manager to plan for and handle any risks. Continual risk monitoring will be done by the project manager throughout the projects duration.

Changes to the project are to be approved by the customer and project manager. These changes should be done in written communications as set out by a communications plan. Upon approved changes actions will be taken to integrate said change in the project plan, scope, schedule, and budget. A denied change request will have no effects on the project. The project manager who is also the customer will have total authority in the project as this is a prioritize organization. Since this project is not part of a program within the organization there is no defined process for the project.

As such the project manager will make decisions on the project management processes used throughout the project. Primary Stakeholders and Roles: Name I Role I Responsibilities I Dustin Slouches I Sponsor/ Customer I Fund the project and contribute to the project requirements I Crystal Slouches I Project Manager / Customer Manage the project and contribute to the project requirements. Authorize any changes to the project. Oversee all project work as it relates to the project plan, budget, and schedule. Manage communications between all parties involved.


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