[Solved] ptlls assignment 2 essay

One method expert can use to identify and person using only their teeth is by x-ray. Of course with this method there has to be enough teeth there in order to so. Experts also use comparisons of the teeth to pictures from the possible matches past in order to identify the deceased. Computer graphics are also used in order to identify and deceased person. This way is using the person’s teeth to reconstruct the face of the deceased. This will help in identifying the person as well. Also helping the public assist in identifying the deceased person if identity cannot be rendered from dental records.

This technology can recreate or estimate bone structure and can rebuild the face of the deceased victim. How to identify and body using bones! When there is only skeletal remain of and deceased human experts have a number of ways and or methods to utilize in order to identify and person. The first and most important thing for experts to do is to determine is the remains are human or not. Once it has been established that they are in fact human hen the next method would be attempting to rebuild the body with the body parts that are remaining.

If so, different bones can identify things such as sex, race, and age. Leg or arm bones can determine stature and weight. Also, any pathology of the skeleton must be start in order to make an identification of the remains, determine the cause of death and, if homicide is involved, could even identify the murderer. Taking into account while analyzing the remains of the body, such things as the length of the femur and other relevant factors such as recaptures, sexual characteristics of the bones remains and of course extracting important DNA in order to identify the deceases person.

Performing and detailed examination of the person’s skull will also offer many doors as to recovering the identity of the person. This method can yield existing bone structure and reconstruct the persons living visage. Although this method requires and specialized education and expertise of the field in facial reconstruction and autodidact forensics and is best, generally the 3-D imagery format is generally utilized and mainly preferred. The sculpting of a face on a skull can be traced to biblical times.

Forensic scientists and physical anthropologists revived this technique as a means of identifying human remains (Caitiff and Snow 1979). Also it was also said that there are numerous techniques to sculpture a face onto the skull, all of which rely on the reproduction of a potentially recognizable face using the published soft tissue thicknesses in different racial groups (Phillips and Smuts 1996). There is also 2-D reconstructions that are simply based on the mortem photographs and the remaining skull. This method usually takes both and artist and forensic anthropologist.

This method was invented and mastered by Karen T. Taylor in the sass’s. The method utilizes adhering tissues, depth markers and an unidentified skull. Such methods are now in the modern day been produced but such computer software F. A. C. E and C. A. R. E. S. These systems quickly generate and store 2-D images for crime scene techs. The of Also there is another reconstruction called Superimposition is unlike the other two dimensions. Because this one requires some knowledge of what the person ceased s believed to be or possibly be.

These types of reconstructions are created by superimposing a photograph of an individual suspected of belonging to the unidentified skeletal remains over an X-ray of the unidentified skull. All in in these are types of ways to reveal the identity of and deceased person decomposed to only teeth or bones. I think that all of these ways have and high result of revealing the identity of the person. Much like a picture tells a thousand words. Bones and teeth does as well, you the expert or crime scene tech just deed to make sense of it.


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