[Solved] pre placement co op essay

Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to help people who were hurt. I was always fascinated when I went to the Hospital, I always wanted to know what they were doing to me and why. I’ve had my fair share of going to the Emergence Room the Paramedics,Nurses and Doctors were always so nice to me and my mom. Being in Emergence Services is a career that will make me feel good and have a sense of accomplishment about what I am doing on a daily basis. Knowing you have made a difference in someones life means the world to me.

I am interested in doing my final Co-op Placement at the Guelph Fire Department so I can get a feel of what firefighting is really like. Just this April I had Career day at my school and the fire department came to talk to us about what the job was like we got a tour of the truck and listened to the sirens. I like knowing that any second you could be on the move to a fire or a bad car crash. Seeing the smile on someones face after you have helped them means the world to me, ever since I was a little girl I knew at an early age I wanted to help people who were hurt.

I knew no matter what I did it had to involve helping someone in some way shape or form. I have been volunteering at PLAYSENSE activity center since grade 4 and I have seen a lot from a small scrape to an aggressive seizure that needed medical attention. I love watching the nurses do simple tasks like Gastrointestinal tube feeding and giving the children their medications. My career goal is to be an Emergence Medical Technician Firefighter for the Guelph Fire Department so that I can help everyone not just be limited to one age group or confined to an office space. I enjoy the outdoors and working one on one with people and also with a team.


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