[Solved] power cut problem in nepal

Now a days, power cut problem is the main problem of Nepal. It is very ridiculous thing that we are facing power cut problem even though we are the second largest country which can produce 83,000 Mega watts electricity in the word.

We can produce 43000 mega watts economically but at this period we are just producing approximately 600 watts which is very low for today’s population. There are various reasons which affect the power cut problems they are improper management, lack of sufficient funds, lack of efficient human resources etc.First of all, power cut problem is making the life style of people more difficult although, no one is serious about this big problems. Government is quiet and is not taking any effective solution like wise, political parties are quarrelling each other for the post of minister.

In the same way, they are not responsible for the development of the country but only for their developments. It is not the problem of today, it becomes the problems of tomorrow as well. For the construction of one small hydropower we need a 10-15 years but no any projects are being started.Secondly, electricity has a great role for the development of country.

Without electricity we cannot do any task or works. For e. g. if we need to produce clothes than we have to produce using electricity but we have a problem of power cut up to 16 hours a day, then how can we develop our country in this way.

We have to think about this situation from today to overcome the problem of future. Thirdly, electricity is the main source of creation, generation and production but all these stuffs are not in good condition and people are facing a lot of problems.In the same way, our country is in the phase of developing if we have no electricity then how it could be possible to develop the nation. It becomes almost impossible to run the country without power.

Like wise, we are facing the problem of petroleum products as well, which can be used for the alternative propose as well as a result we are facing so many problems. Finally, power cut problem is making the life style of people more difficult. Its not the problem of single people so we have to think about this problems seriously.


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