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Powder: Questions Essay, Research Paper

Powder: Questions

1 Jeremy ’ s original beginning of rejection came from his parents who banished him

from his place. He was to populate in the cellar, off from society. This pain

he received made him a more compassionate, caring and loving individual. Although

his early phases of life were of persecution and unhappiness he accepted as a manner of

life. Bing banished from society, he entirely learned the significance of compassion.

He acquired the cognition of lovingness and loving by sing the direct

antonym of intervention. When he received this intervention, he hated it, and wished

for something different.

2. Three personality traits of Jeremy or Powder were his utmost compassion,

his shyness, and his lovingness. Jeremy expressed compassion in the fullest possible

signifier. He expressed experiencing for others that went to extreme steps. Such as the

passing of decease from the deceasing cervid to the sheriff who shot him for athletics.

Since he was an albino mastermind, it would be simple to understand his trouble

of adjustment and geting new friends that he can socialise with. Therefore he became

a diffident male child that reasonably much kept to himself. Jeremy ’ s characteristic that

distinguished him from the remainder of society in which he lived in. Although he was

persecuted, crush, and ridiculed at. He understood his features and

understood why the male childs hated him It was fright!

3. I respect Jeremy ’ s caring. Like Christ himself, he wouldn ’ t battle or utilize any

kind of force to decide jobs. Jeremy would talk his words of wisdom, or

utilize his Godhead powers of mental stableness and force to show a point. He would,

without aching anyone, turn out a point. This characteristic made us make a

field of empathy for the male child.

4. Jeremy showed his love and compassion and lovingness for other people and

animals in a few cases in the film. The most popular scene expressed

caring for a animal. A animal, in the form of a defenseless cervid. A sheriff

was with a clump of childs, runing when they should non. The sheriff found and

shooting the cervid. As the cervid laid at that place take a breathing his last breathes of life,

Jeremy stepped into action. In order to show the torment of decease to the

sheriff, he held on to the cervix of the cervid and the arm of the sheriff. Using

his forces of mental power he fed the feelings of decease to the sheriff. Even

though Jeremy loved the carnal dwellers, he besides expressed compassion and

caring for the human population. Jeremy was being ridiculed one time once more during

stormy conditions. A male child named Johnny pushed Jeremy into the clay, express joying Johnny

was so struck by lightning. Even though retaliation would hold been sweet, Jeremy

reacquired the life for Johnny.

5. The intervention Jeremy received in the cafeteria by the pupil is rather

put offing and demo the deficiency of empathy in the pupils. But the grounds for

his intervention is more challenging than the existent intervention received. Einstein

one time said, that we fear what is non known, and Jeremy was an unknown instance of

supernatural difference. These pupils, being mean, were responding as normal

as frighten kids, in the signifier of abuse. These kids were non mean, they

were frighten of the unknown. Another scientist or psychologist said that fright

is sometimes distinguished in the signifier of laughter. As the kids insulted

Jeremy, other kids laughed to alleviate the tenseness they held within. Natural

human reactions are to laugh alternatively of shouting when in fright, merely as an baby.

And yet another ground for the rough intervention of Jeremy, was because he made

everyone else seem normal. Today, people try to show their singularity the

apparels they wear. Of class they say that its their ain expression, but we all know

that peer force per unit area from friends and the media, do them to make, what they do.

So, Jeremy being albino, distinguished all the other childs. The childs hated this

because they are working to be noticed ( merely as an baby will ) . Jeremy proposed

a menace to their singularity and that caused their behaviour to be what it was.

There was one time a pupil, who was rather stray because of his external

visual aspect. But many pupils began to experience empathy for him and they invited him

to cafeteria tabular arraies and accepted into groups.

6. Now although, Jeremy seems to be populating in a universe of rejection, persecution,

and abuse, he has a friend. Like the Good Samaritan, a miss from school,

expresses involvement in Jeremy. She talks to Jeremy and sticks by him during harsh

times. Their relationship, sinks into a deeper degree of love and compassion.

They become lovers. This miss listens to the problems of Jeremy, and Jeremy does

similarly. It seems that they stood together as spouses contending the universe in

which they lived in.

7. Jeremy was finally seeking for a manner to populate free of anguish. He wished

to happen a topographic point where he can be accepted by all. A topographic point where his expressions were

disregarded and his intelligence acknowledged. In this narrative, he ne’er finds his

promised land, so he escapes. Since Powder is nil but energy, he flees to

a field of lightning where he is elevated and taken off. This seems to be in

analogue with the narrative of Jesus Christ and his Resurrection.

8. I like the moving occupations by histrions Jeff Goldblum and Powder. They tried their

really best to do sense of the secret plan that had no logic. Goldblum expressed his

scientific cognition and Powder expressed himself as a agony friend.

Although the histrions did a superb occupation in the acting section. The narrative itself

is rather illogical and makes no sense. If you find a male child with an IQ that

surpasses everyone else on the face of the planet, and he has the power to

elevate with lightning, one of the purest signifiers of energy, you are non traveling to

go forth him in a school where he would crush and made merriment of. No, you will take

him to a place with a household that loves him and attentions for him, while he uses his

mental power to larn and decide many universe jobs.

9. Jeremy, analogues with Jesus. They both are persecuted, one for his beliefs,

the other for his external visual aspect. They both have Godhead power, one comes

from the celestial spheres in the signifier of lightning, the other from God. Finally they both

flight this universe go forthing a message behind, one for us to be free from wickedness, and

the other to be free from ignorance.

10. Besides Jeremy, another character that I liked is Jeff Goldblum. He is an

reliable Judaic Scientist. Systematically seeking for replies through the way

of scientific discipline. Jeff is besides rather understanding of Jeremy ’ s job, and attempts to

understand more from this male child of ageless powerand cognition.

11. The narrative of Powder, teaches you the lesson, that you should non judge

people from their external visual aspect. Work force are created different, but all in the

similitude of God. Powder besides emphasizes the manner society treats the unknown. With

force, persecution, and hatred. As in the cafeteria scene, Powder is ridiculed

and made merriment of, yet he responds with love. Thus Powder, teaches the ultimate

lesson that love is more powerful than force. I can integrate this into my

life, by seeking to understand that all worlds are different in external

visual aspect, some are pretty, some are non. But they all have gifts within to

portion with the universe, if you merely give them a opportunity to demo them.


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