[Solved] position by carol berge essay research paper

”Position” was written in 1964 and was one of the few verse forms that jumped out at me. Position can be inspiration to all of us but I feel as though it is more or less about the long route to happen the love of your life. Carol Berge` , the writer of “Position” was born in 1928 and was divorced after the birth of her boy. Berge’s poesy focal points on self-respect and people seeking love such as in this verse form. I believe the yesteryear is difficult for everyone to trade with; when yesteryear experiences are bad experiences we tend to transport along the luggage and seek to protect ourselves from doing the same error.

Unfortunately, we close ourselves off, non leting us to win and make a good memory to turn over the bad. A fright of hurting is about more unsafe than hurting itself. The verse form uses by and large known vocabulary doing it easy to read and easy to understand yet it has no emphasis form. She makes usage of nonliteral linguistic communication by using metaphors, symbols, and consonant rhyme. She speaks of a female parent who “whipped the spirit out of her boy ”, symbolizes herself as all adult females, and shows consonant rhyme in the 9th line when she states “wouldn’t? couldn’t? didn’t’ . I truly enjoyed the manner she spoke of a old miss who didn’t do any of the right things. It is easy to prejudge others, to set a face value on person we don’t even know. When something painful has happened in the past, we learn from it, take value out of the event, and yet we ne’er want it to go on once more.

When a adult male is beaten by his female parent, his thought of all female parents is tarnished and he is no longer willing to believe good of female parents. Berge` negotiations about “the miss who didn’t, or wouldn’t or couldn’t but didn’t.” Because of past experiences the thought of any miss as a positive and fulfilling spouse is no longer valid in a head that was one time ; opened to the universe. Berge` so reverses the state of affairs by inquiring the inquiry, but “what opportunity have I got/ unless you consider/ that you stand before me excessively. ” What about all the work forces that have given bad feelings or all the male parents who have beaten their girls? Without opening ourselves up to ache once more, we can ne’er open ourselves up to love once more. We are so busy seeking to justice others that we ne’er realize they are besides judging us.

When the yesteryear is ever stalking us and stating us non to do the same error once more it is easy to merely give up and bury about of all time opening ourselves up to love once more. I take this verse form because I enjoyed the last section really much. “What opportunity have I got/ unless you consider/ that you stand before me excessively.” I was holding a batch of trouble covering with the yesteryear and ne’er stopped to recognize, while I was so speedy to go through judgement, I was non merely the justice but the suspect as good. I was so stuck on the thought that she did this and that in the past that I didn’t halt to recognize that we were both in the same state of affairs. I besides enjoyed the presence of lines four through 10, which talk about the yesteryear go for thing bad images in our heads. Everyone has had something happen in the yesteryear where they carry over the memory and it affects them throughout their life, anything from a broken bosom to a broken place. When a bosom is broken it is difficult to re-open it to anyone, the fright of another hurting is merely excessively great.

Position truly puts things into position and can animate anyone, no affair what state of affairs you get yourself into. It is of import to recognize that while we may be go throughing judgement on others, they are besides go throughing judgement on us. Judge each single as an person non based on a past experience. Let everything learn a lesson but do non shut yourself off to others because of a few bad experiences.


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