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Pool – Corey CampbellThe short story called ‘’Pool’’ is writing in 2009 by Corey Campbell. To be in love is a wonderful feeling that you can’t compare to other feelings. Feelings like hate, love and jealousy will always become in every couple, but especially in young couples.

When you’re young and don’t have so much experience in love and relationship it’s much easier to be hurt. A lot of drama will appear. Sometime it does have disadvantages and at other times it can have advantages. In some point everybody will experience one of those things or even them all in a relationship.

I’ll guess it be them all.In the short story we have a main character who’s named Darla, she is a young woman who’s in a relationship with Jon and it seems very complicated, but they are still together. Even though she loves Jon, she is worried about the episode they had the night before. Jon’s best friend Trevor and his girlfriend Mandy had a pool party that Jon insisted on Darla to come with him to, but she is older than this couple, but they have a child.

Darla is a very shy person, she hates her body and the thought about other people seeing it, that why she didn’t wear a swimsuit and just joined the rest who also wasn’t joining the others. She controls her weight a lot and she is very slim; she doesn’t drink alcohol, she only drinks things like diet coke etc.“Trevor looked over at her. “The water feels great,” he said.

“Come in and join us.” Darla reached a hand into the pool, which was warmer than she’d expected. “A little later,” she said, knowing that she wouldn’t, that she hated others seeing her in her swimsuit.” (L.

58-62, p. 9)Last night Darla and Jon had sex and they used a condom but it broke, and Darla is very worried about it, but they went to a chemist’s shop to get a morning- after pill, but it didn’t help on that she still was nervous about the whole thing. She keep thinking that she maybe could be pregnant but isn’t ready to be a mother jet. When they were at the chemist’s shop the pharmacist looked at them in a negative way, like it provoked him.

It made her think about her dad.Darla would like to live the life of Trevor and Mandy since they are wealthy, they have the perfect life, and she would like to switch places with Mandy. Darla and Jon are not wealthy, they live in a poor neighborhood in New Jersey and that explains why they are jealous of Mandy and Trevor. The relationship of Darla and Jon are unstable; Jon is in love with Darla, but Darla is not in love with Jon.

Darla and Jon do not communicate very much; as they are driving they listen to radio instead of talking. Even though Darla and Jon only had been together just under a year, Jon’s mother care very much for Darla and she wants Darla to become a member of their family. “Darla and Jon had been together just under a year. Already his mom bought her sales clothes from Macy’s and invited her to family dinners on Friday nights.

’’ (L, 10-11, p. 8)Darla thinks that Jon does not care about her feelings as he leaves Darla alone whenever she cries. ‘’Darla gave Jon a look and he shrugged. She thought of quicksand – if she were being dragged under, Jon would probably just stay there and give the same shrug.

Whenever she got very sad, which happened sometimes, Jon acted as if leaving her alone was the best thing. He said sadness made him feel helpless.’’ (L. 138-141, p.

11)The theme of “Pool” is tragic love. The two of them, Darla and Jon, view the relationship differently; Darla sees the relationship, as a lost cause since she thinks that Jon is selfish and uncaring while Jon does not feel that anything is wrong in the relationship. The fact that Mandy and Trevor are living happily ever after is killing Darla and making her more miserable.It ends with Darla not caring about anything anymore since she wants to be happy like Mandy.

“ “It didn’t fit her, but she didn’t care anymore. She looked into his face and said, “Let’s go.” ” (L. 185-186, p.



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