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Poluurethane Essay, Research Paper


Polyurethanes are really various thermoset plastics that were originally developed for military usage by Otto Bayer in the late 1930 ’ s. They are so versatile that they can be made into a compound every bit soft as bubble-gum, or they can besides be formed into compounds that are every bit hard as a soft metal. This is why they are so common in our mundane life ’ s. Today a broad assortment of polyurethanes are used for many different applications, such as ; flexible polyurethanes are used to do couch, shock absorbers, rug dorsums, auto seats. Rigid froths are used for insularity in deep-freezes, iceboxs, and roofs. Many shoe companies besides use tough elastomeric polyurethanes for shoe colloidal suspensions. The car industry besides use polyurethanes for a assortment of grounds, including splashboards, bumper screens, castings and wings. And these are merely a few of the many usage for polyurethanes.

The base stuff used to organize polyurethane compounds is really a byproduct of the oil refinement procedure. The terminal merchandise, polyurethane, is made with two basic ingredients: a Isocyanate and Polyol. This is shown in the reaction below:

Polyurethane Reaction

Isocyanate + Polyol = Polyurethane


R – NCO + R ’ – OH = R – N – C – O – R ’

Polyurethanes are produced by responding an isocyanate and a polyol of assorted types. Almost all commercial class polyurethanes available are based on two different isocyanates ; TDI toluenediisocyanate ) and MDI ( methylenebisdiphenyl diisocyanate ) . Both of these isocyanates give different belongingss to the polyurethane and have changing types of treating systems. The polyol, which is the other reactant in the polyurethane, is available in three different types: PTMEG ( polyetetramethylene ether ethanediol ) , PPG ( polypropylene ether ethanediol ) and polyester. There are other isocyanates and polyols that can be used in the fabrication of polyurethanes, but these are the most common. This procedure is besides the procedure that is used in doing polyurethane froths. The structural expression of a polyurathane monomer is:

On the undermentioned page there is a chart with some illustrations of common polyurethane merchandises, their general descriptions and their applications.

Since polyurethanes can take on many forms and signifiers there are many benefits to them. There are nevertheless more noteworthy benefits, like the

added comfort in your couch or shock absorbers.


Abrasion Resistant When terrible scratch is a factor, parts made out of polyurethane will outwear other stuffs by up to a ratio of 50:1. It ’ s been proven to be immensely superior to rubber plastics and metal in many applications.

Load Bearing Capacity Polyurethane has a higher load-bearing capacity than any conventional gum elastic. Because of this characteristic it is an ideal stuff for heavy responsibility yokes, daze tablets, and burden wheels.

Tear Resistant The tear-strengths of polyurethanes range from 500-100 lb./linear inch, which is far superior to gum elastics. Because of the high tear-strength, urethane is frequently us

erectile dysfunction in thrust belts, axial rotation screens, and gaskets.

Weather Resistant Polyurethane has outstanding opposition to oxygen, ozone, sunshine, and general conditions conditions.

Electrical Properties Polyurethane has first-class electrical insulating belongingss and is successfully used in many molded wire and overseas telegram harness assemblies.

The most noteworthy job that faces the polyurethane industry is the fact that most of the old procedures used CFC ’ s as blowing agents. These emanations are now being purely controlled and the makers of polyurethane ’ s have to utilize alternate stuffs such as HCFC ’ s, which have lower depletion potencies ( ODP ) .

The current guidelines show that all CFC production was to hold been phased out by 1996 and replaced by HCFC. Another job the polyurethane froth industry had was the effects they were holding on the environment by throwing off their froth garbages. In the past all froth garbages landed in the landfill because there wasn ’ t any other utilizations for it. But now the froth is ground into little atom size pieces and made into bonded rug carpet pad. This procedure is so successful that there is a demand for polyurethane froth processed bit. Bonded rug carpet pad makers presently use more than 400 million lbs of processed bit yearly. Of that 300 million lbs are purchased from domestic beginnings and the remainder is imported. This is both a manner to assist salvage the environment but besides for froth makers to turn their garbages into money, which helps cut down the cost of foam stuff used in end-product fabrication.

Fires besides used to be a major job associated with polyurethanes but now there are more flame retardent ’ s in polyurethanes so that fire International Relations and Security Network ’ t a major job any longer.

I believe that the benefits of polyurethanes by far outweigh the jobs associated with their usage. I believe this because polyurethanes are such a various merchandise that there are polyurethanes everyplace in our day-to-day lives. The mean household owns between 25-100 pound. of polyurethane, and likely wear ’ t even recognize it. This can be recycled when they are finished with it, so there isn ’ t much harm to the environment. There is nevertheless the job of CFC ’ s in polyurethanes, but this issue is being dealt with and CFC ’ s are being replaced with a less harmful substance, HCFC. Even HCFC ’ s are expected to be phased out in 30 old ages, each twelvemonth being phased out a small spot more. So I feel that polyurethane is a good merchandise with a batch of good utilizations with merely a few negative effects, but what merchandise doesn ’ Ts have negative effects?


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