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Polar Bears Essay, Research Paper

Polar Bears

Salvaging the White Beast

The Polar Bear males can mensurate up to nine pess long, and can weigh 770-1430 pound. The pelt of the Polar Bear covers their full organic structure except their olfactory organ and tablets of their pess. The Polar Bear ( Ursus maritimus ) is the largest life carnivore on the planet Earth. ( National Parks Service ) .

The polar bear lives in a little topographic point on the top of the Earth called the Arctic Circle. At an mean the polar bears have about five million square stat mis of life infinite. The Polar ears have gotten near to 150 ft. from the North Pole. ( WWF 1 ) . These white animals do non hole up in the winter like other bears, alternatively they hunt. The bears chief diet is the annular and bearded seal. These bears have a great sense of odor. They can smell seals kilometres off, and observe one under three pess of snow. This helps them happen the nutrient they need during winter months when the seals migrate South to acquire warm. The bears are patient when it comes to nutrient. They need two kgs of fat a twenty-four hours to last. A seal can supply five yearss worth of nutrient. If the bears are hungering they eat the whole seal ; otherwise, they merely eat the blubber and visceras for protein ( National Parks Service ) .

The bears live in Canada or supra. They seldom go below Canada since it is excessively warm at that place. The elephantine bears have thick white pelt, which helps the bear survive the cold, and it has a thick bed of blubber all around its organic structure where it shops up nutrient when needed. They can travel with out nutrient for 2 hebdomads if necessary ( Larsen 7 ) .

Their pelt is what helps retain the heat inside their organic structures. The fur looks white but it is really clear colored. The Sun radiances through the clear pelt to the bear s black tegument, which absorbs the heat and retains it. Actually it does such a good occupation that the bears have to leap in icy H2O, and even turn over in the snow to chill off. Fredtjoj Nansen gives this description of the polar bear, Elegant organic structure, large cervix, little caput, and short ears give it a fierce expression ( 6 ) .

When its clip for the bears to reproduce, the male approaches the female. The males have many couples in their life-time. When the females are pregnant, they dig a lair in which they stay until after gestation for a piece with the bears can last the cold. The female parents live off their organic structure fat to do milk and unrecorded since the

Ys can non go forth the lair ( WWF 2 ) . The female parent really spends a period of three months in the lair while pregnant. The greenhorn, after birth, spend three old ages before they go out on their ain into the ice universe. Males do non make anything with greenhorns merely female parents do ( National Park Service ) .

Polar Bears stay in certain topographic points in the Arctic Circle. They live near seashores since their chief nutrient is seals. They normally migrate Souths in the winter and back in the summer ( WWF 1 ) .

Five states, the United States, Canada, Denmark, Norway, and the Soviet Union, got together and decided that they were traveling to happen out the position on how many bears are still left. What they found was that the one time unbeatable bear would travel extinct in a affair of ten old ages if nil was done to protect them ( Larsen 5 ) . The states thought the bears moved around the North Pole, but they by and large stay in the same country during their life. The Soviets had protected their ain polar bears since 1956. They believed they had 5,000 to 10,000 bears, though didn T know 1000s of them were being hunted and killed each winter. Everyone was in daze when they found out how many bears there were really ( 8 ) .

When the states found out their quandary they wanted to happen more information on the polar bear. They went out and tried to label the bears which was difficult cause they were so elephantine. Tranquilizers hardly worked cause they animate beings were so large. They had to acquire a ship and lift the bears in and label them. After they released the bears a twelvemonth subsequently they found out that 32 out of 103 bears were killed. All Arctic states argued to salvage the polar bear.

Norway held a conference to hold all the states to acquire involved in salvaging the polar bear from extinction ( 9 ) .The states started utilizing their orbiters to track the bears from their office. Now they can analyze where they go and where they stay. The Polar Bear now has been mounting from being endangered specie thanks to the aid of the five Arctic Nations. Regardless of political differences, the five states contributed scientists to assist and larn more about the bears. ( IUCM ) Institute Union for Conservation and Nature and Natural resources ( Thor 8 ) .

With the aid from the states the bears now are safe and life and non endangered any longer. We can maintain it this manner if our states work together we can maintain the polar bear safe for life and coevalss to come.


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