[Solved] pneumatic bench vice

Pneumatic Bench Vice
First of all air is compressed to the air cylinder with help of compressor then air is filled in pneumatic cylinder through hoses by controlling pressure controller. when air is filled in the pneumatic cylinder then piston is moved BDC to TDC moveable jaws of vice is tight the workpiece. when we release the air then piston are moves TDC to BDC moveable jaws return back and unhold the workpiece


The present invention is to provide a high speed vise with a locker mechanism to provide a main piston rods for the movable jaw at the reactive side, i.e., at the movable jaw inside lock down jaw mechanism in order to eliminate upward raising of a working piece which may adversely affect precision of machining.



(a) Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a pneumatic quick vise, particularly a bench vise operated by compressed air and incorporated with a booster mechanism to provide high clamping, high productivity force with low trouble possibility.

(b) Description of the Prior Art
Conventionally a PISTON rod is used to drive a movable jaw in a the conventional vise to displace the movable jaw for clamping purpose. As the clamping force so achieved is limited, an hydraulic vise was developed to provide a higher clamping force. However, displacement is slow in both the conventional manual and hydraulic vises, and neither of them can satisfy the requirement of automatic and high efficient operation today. Moreover, oil leakage may occur at the hydraulic vise, it is impossible to replenish hydraulic oil for closed type cylinder types. In addition, a working piece
tends to raise up in the conventional vise for the pivot of its movable jaw is at the same point for application of force, and consequently machining accuracy is affected, it is not suitable for automatic process requiring high efficiency and high precision.


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