[Solved] plagiarism in todays universities

“Originality is not seen in single words or even sentences. Originality is the sum total of a man’s thinking or his writing” (Singer, Isaac Bashevis). Producing an original piece of work could be a difficult concern for students.

Many easy resources are now available in order to help them and guide them through their work. Due to the ease of access of such resources, students have increasingly started depending on them. Such cases are seen very often these days and hence checking for originality is a growing concern of any university in the world.What students fail to understand is that they are only suppose to refer to the sources for their knowledge and then produce the work according to their capability.

The right way of structuring an assignment is to go through the available sources of information, selecting appropriate data, critically analyzing it, looking at the subject from different points of view and aligning all of this into a line of reasoning. (cottrell, 2001) Universities need to strictly covey to the students, on what action will be taken in case they are found guilty of plagiarism. Cottrell, 2001) As all universities make it very clear that if a particular work produced by a student is caught under plagiarism the student will be expelled from the university. A BBC report shows that only 143 student were expelled from their universities out of 9200 cases after the universities being so strict there is still to be found that 86 UK universities show a higher rate of plagiarism amongst Post graduate students.

There are many factors that lead students to indulge in plagiarism.Students actually copy their work rather then showcasing original thought due to the pressure for meeting the dead line drawn by the university, part time jobs, and their lack of confidence to actually produce a original piece of work takes them to copy some body else’s work which is plagiarism. If a university wants to maintain a high standard they should see to it that students who plagiarize be punished. It would set an example that would prevent this from happening.

You can find many pages on plagiarism on a university web site but though it is a mandatory to follow some student fail to do so.Extra class for academic referencing should be given to international students, as the past academic pattern is very different. Universities today are using Turn it in a software to check for plagiarism it helps them to check weather a piece of work is original or not and helps the student as well to track sources for similar information. Students fear the results generated by this software, and hence they have started putting in efforts to produce original work and use correct citation.

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