[Solved] philippine treasures essay sample 1301

I. Drumhead

In Ayala Museum in Makati there can be found the Gold of Ancestors. There are 1000 gold artefacts that was found in tenth century. 100 old ages has passed. Some of the gold displayed were necklaces. watchbands. belt. statuettes. and fabulous characters. 22-24 carat gold that the Ayala Museum have. Our ascendants used gold in their every twenty-four hours life. It has been portion of Filipino lives from birth to decease. They besides used Death Mask Gold for burying. The Philippines was abundant of gold before. They make things by gold and turn it into another form with the usage of old equipments. Filipinos used to have on gold from caput to toe and you can place their societal strata harmonizing to what they wore.

Much gold are minerals. Some of the gold in Museum was dug and found by an ordinary individual. He is Berto Morales. a husbandman who discovered the hoarded wealth ancient aureate jewelleries in San Miguel. Surigao Del Sur in 1981. 30 old ages ago.

II. Opinion

It’s good to cognize that there are many gold artefacts found in our state and it helps a batch for our country’s pride. I feel overpowering for our ascendants for being resourceful and for the museums in our state for maintaining and caring our country’s prosperity. What we have in our state can’t be paid of 1000000s of dollars because what we have today and what we had earlier will ever be singular to our head and to our Black Marias.

III. Recommendation

Filipino people must appreciate on what we have in our state particularly on what our ancestor’s heritage. In order for our state to acquire better. Filipinos must be more responsible. more resourceful and more appreciative.


I. Drumhead

The Golden Tara or besides called as The Agusan Gold Image was by chance found by a miss Manobo on July in Wawa river. Agusan Del Sur. The Golden Tara is a word of Sanskrit which means a Goddess in Valjryana Buddhism. It is a solid gold statue of Hindu-Malayan goddess with the weight of 4 pound with the tall of 5-inch. It has 21 carat gold.

The Agusan Coconut Company kept the Golden Tara in 1918. Dr. H. Otley Beyer. Father of Philippine Anthropology and Arch. convinced the authorities of the Philippines to purchase the Golden Tara for the National Museum. In 1920. the Golden Tara was sold to Americans in the sum of 4. 000 pesos. In 1922. the Golden Tara was brought to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. USA that was built on 1893. They displayed 21 aggregations of artefacts anddodos that came from different states in the universe including the Golden Tara or Agusan Gold Image. There were 10. 000 artefacts brought from the Philippines 100 old ages ago that were hidden in their museum.

In Butuan. Agusan Del Norte you can see an image of Golden Tara that has a tall of 3 foot that was acquired by the Americans in 1922 bought by the married woman of Governor General Leonard Wood. There were contemplations of Golden Tara displayed in their keepsake stores in Butuan.

II. Opinion

The Golden Tara should be in the Philippines. If merely our other ascendants cared and gave grasp to the Golden Tara. it may non be displayed in museum of other state. The Golden Tara is exceeding and uncomparable and it has to be in a topographic point where it was found and where it belongs.

III. Recommendation

Government functionaries must hold to make something in order to convey back the Golden Tara in our state and topographic point it in our ain museum. Filipinos deserve to hold the Golden Tara because it is our ain wealth and they have nil to make about it if Filipinos would force to convey back the Golden Tara in our state with the aid of our authorities functionaries.

Part 3: MAITUM Jars

I. DrumheadThe Maitum Jars or Anthromorphic Jar is a jar that has a form and face of a individual. It used to be ballad of H2O and human skeleton or called as a secondary entombment jar. It was discovered by group of Rebels in Saranggani Ayuv cave in Mindanao on 1991. Johnny rebs expect for gold but they discovered something which they think better from gold.

The Maitum Jars were treated as cultural hoarded wealths and of import civilization belongingss. It serves as face of a individual before. about 2000 old ages ago. It was believed that it connects the life and decease of ancient people. It has 100 caput jars that was 2000 old ages ago. Most of the Maitum Jars now were scattered in the market. It can besides be found in the Maitum Museum yet they merely merely displayed the contemplations of Maitum Jars and conceal the original Maitum Jars which are now already broken.

Many people were roll uping the Maitum Jars as they heard about the chitchat. Some were maintaining the jars and some were selling the Jars in the sum of 300. 000 – 400. 000. The cave where the Maitum Jars were found and besides known as the most of import cave of Mindanao has left nil.

In the twelvemonth of 2008. there were 22 pokes of broken anthromorphic jars arrived from Sultan Kudarat and merely 16 of pokes out of 22 were brought to Saranggani Police Office to look over it. They tried to near to museum if the broken anthromorphic jar can be able to expose in the museum but it didn’t qualified for it was broken.

II. OpinionThe Maitum Jars were non appreciated by the people who live near in the cave where it was found. It is really too bad. because of Filipinos egoism and hoggishness they don’t think the importance of our country’s prosperity merely like the Maitum Jars. Alternatively of caring the jars and convey it to the museum. they sell it. If merely they brought the jars in a museum maybe it can be seen wholly until now and displayed in the museum and where many Filipinos could see and understand more about our history.

III. RecommendationPeoples in the Saranggani should care about the jars and brought it to the museum in the first topographic point. The jars were already broken and the lone thing people can make approximately is to repair the pieces of jars. Filipinos should less their egoism and hoggishness and believe more about of country’s development.


I. Drumhead

Lapu-Lapu was illustrated by history as a brave datu of Mactan. The first 1 who fought with the Spaniards who intend to occupy the PhilippinesIn Boljoon. southern tip of Cebu can be found the Cebu’s Heritage frontier. There are some archeologists from National Museum who discovered the ancient burial site near in an old church. The age of burial site was between 15th and sixteenth century. The archeologists found 15 cadavers.

Harmonizing to archeologists before we were invaded by the Spaniards. we already have our system in burying like if the deceased is a miss. the custodies were placed cross in their private parts and there is a jar beside their dead organic structure while if the deceased is a male child. the custodies were placed cross in their thorax that symbolizes the strengthens and courage.

The most of import heritage of Baljoon was gold. In a museum there were necklaces and other jewelleries that were dug in Boljoon. There can be seen the earring that may hold the connexion of our first hero. Lapu-Lapu. It was believed to be one time used by Lapu-Lapu that was found in an archeological excavation.

The earring was observed and debated in Museo Sugbo by expert. historian. and archeologist in the Philippines. It was debated if who’s the proprietor of the earring. was it belongs to Lapu-Lapu or Raja Humabon?

II. Opinion

I was surprised and besides glad when I saw that there was an earring found by archeologist that was owned by one of our hero in the Philippines. Those things like this should be kept. The earring was one of a sort and will ever go forth a comment in the Filipino history.

III. Recommendation

The earring should ever be placed in a museum and everyone should see the earring to be able to cognize and understand what is behind in that earring that left a grade in the Filipino history. Filipinos should value this thing because it was owned by the 1 who took the hazard to contend agains the Spaniards who intend to occupy our state.


I. Drumhead

In Monreal Masbate. there were stones with a carve of Baybayin found by some pupils of Rizal Elementary School. The principal of the school noticed the stones engraved and they called it as Rizal Stones. The word engraved in the stone was suspected as Baybayin. an ancient manner of authorship of our ancient ascendants.

It was believed that the stone engraved before the Spaniards came. when the Spaniards crowned head and small by small the Baybayin was erased from the head of Filipinos and rarely mentioned about it.

Harmonizing to the one of Baybayin expert. in a immense stone with a carve more than 100 old ages that was found perchance states a ritual or pleading to the liquors to accept the offers. Harmonizing to one of the anthropologist. the symbols carve in the stone were perchance a bid between the twelvemonth of 1400 and 1500.

In 1989. there was a piece of bronze or “tanso” that was dug in Lumbang River that was called as “Laguna Copper Plate” that means of Datu’s forgiveness to those people who was in debt in a twelvemonth of 980.

In 1961. there was a Calatagan Pot that was dug in Talisay Calatagan Batangas ; it contained the supplication that asked the liquors and divinity to mend the people with ill.

II. Opinion

The sort of composing like Baybayin should be known by Filipinos because it was used to be composing of our ascendants. It’s really too bad and dissatisfactory that Filipinos had forgotten the Baybayin and seldom introduced to immature 1s. Most of the people don’t know about the Baybayin. I admire our ascendants on the manner of their authorship because they show how they praise and worship our God and how great their religion is. The Datu besides acted as a function theoretical account that showed his manner of forgiving through authorship.

III. Recommendation

Those experts of Baybayin must promote Filipinos to cognize about the Baybayin and larn to understand the authorship in order for the Filipinos to be knowing about the antediluvian composing that was used by our ascendants. Experts should present the Baybayin to Filipinos because merely few knew about it or even familiarise it. The Baybayin must be exposed and non to be hidden because it has been portion of the history of our state.


I. Drumhead

National Museum is a topographic point where 1000000s of artefacts can be seen. It is full of history of our state. It shows and manifests our history. graphicss and the considered wealth of our blood. It cares our ancestor’s chef-d’oeuvres and heritage. There are 500. 000 people in every twelvemonth who visit the National Museum including the aliens. Harmonizing to the manager of National Museum of the Philippines. the museum exists to continue and advance the cultural heritage and natural heritage of Filipino people. historical and alone objects. exhibits art of our ascendants from thousand of old ages ago.

The National Museum is deficiency of infinite. engineering and the other objects were placed everyplace in a room. Artifacts of our ascendants were besides hidden in a little box. Some of the objects were broken and they merely mend it.

The National Museum is inquiring for more equipment. more forces. and more infinite. upgrade the galleries and the edifice.

II. Opinion

You can see that the National Museum is deficiency of equipments. forces and infinite and you can besides see that merely few were displayed and few visit the Museum. There was besides a garbage dump in the other side of the Museum which is non good for the sight and for the odor of milieus. The artefacts were place in improper topographic point. They need a batch of things and they can accomplish it if there are contributions coming from our authorities or even from the voluntaries.

III. Recommendation

The authorities should give contributions to National Museum in order to restitute the edifice and spread out the infinites and to upgrade the gallery and be able to expose all the artefacts and graphicss. The Museum should be friendlier. more beautiful. more pleasant. and more comfy for the people so that they will be encouraged to see and be able to understand and unclutter of what we had in our history. how wealth our tradition. and how efficient our ascendants are.


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