[Solved] persuasive essay hijab 44267

The hijack, or headscarf, is one of the most noticeable and misunderstood badges of Muslim women. But there’s much more to the Islamic dress code for women than the hijack. It’s a total package that deals with clothing, behavior, and demeanor. Recently read an article in freshman seminar, titled “Covering up with the hijack may aid women’s body image. ” As stated in the article, “So wearing the hijack can be very liberating for some women, she says. It allows them -? and others around them -? to focus on their minds, to their bodies,” this was the most inspiring Statement to me. Immediately became intrigued into the article because it gave me a new perspective. I dug deeper into the context and realized how their culture is very relatable to my religion. Wearing the hijack is an honor. View it as a symbol of protective covering. It covers the mind, will, and intellect. Am a Christian who believes in modesty. In my opinion, modesty is a concept that changes from time to time, country to country, and person to person. Respect women in the Islamic culture for wearing the hijack because it promotes modesty and civilization.

Being able to focus on your mind in a driven world, where you are forced to focus on your body is essential. In my opinion, Islamic women understand the true value of their body as well as mind. It’s amazing to see the loyalty and faith they have upon their religion, culture, and self. Everything may be evolving around them, yet they respect where they come from and continue their own beliefs. The word hijack comes from the Arabic word “hajj” meaning to hide from view or to conceal. Women, who don’t reveal their beauty in this society and give in to this oppressive system, are looked upon as invisible.

The article agrees, “There is a stereotype that women who wear the hijack are oppressed,” Ruby says, “that we [Muslim women] have no agency or power. ” They feel as if the hijack does not belong in modern times, when due to the constant decrease in moral values in the world today, circumstances make the hijack even more relevant. For some, hijack means pairing a headscarf with Western-style clothes. For others it means wearing loose robes as well. To close, the article explains, “But all societies and cultures have their own dress code, she says. Thefts have a way to construct femininity and masculinity.

Muslim societies aren’t exceptional in that respect,” she says. “But we don’t see them in that way because of the tension between the West and the Middle East. ” Though every society has their own dress code, culture determines gender roles and what is masculine and feminine. They are shaped by socio-cultural processes. Femininity and masculinity are plural and dynamic; they change with culture and with individuals. Though some may view hijack as “forced” by culture, view it as “freedom” from society. The cultural tradition of the “hijack” differentiates the society from others. So why do we question the Hijack?


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