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Personal Statement

            Like any other else, I want to pursue a course that is inline with my interest and skills. As for me, I believe that I have been gifted with a unique taste of beauty. Since childhood, I have been inclined to observing every detail in our house. As I grew up, I got more interested with the designs and arrangements of every thing in a room. Eventually, I enrolled Interior Design in order to improve my skills and to learn more about interior designing in depth.

At present, I am studying at the Iowa State University. I am planning to move to Rome to continue my studies. Before deciding, I have considered three significant reasons in transferring to Rome. It cannot be denied that the curriculum offered by Iowa State University is of standard that can match with the international standard. The teaching styles and facilities provided by the school are of quality that can truly be enjoyed by any student. However, I insisted to transfer to Rome because of my desire to see with my own eyes the great architectural designs created in the early history. Like anyone else, I long to see and study in details the interior designs of the old buildings in Rome. Rome, as widely known, is the seat of early renaissance of almost all aspects including architectural and interior designs.

Additionally, I also want to learn interior design in the Roman way. I believe that the schools in Rome have retained in their curriculum the old styles of designers in the early days. They also preserved the secrets of creating a design that shows not only the physical beauty of the room but also retaining the atmosphere through the designs. I believe that in interior designing, the arrangements of the things inside a room, like chairs, tables, lamps, window, and wall, among others should not only deal with beauty but also with the mood that the owner desires to engulf the room. In addition, artistic design should be concomitant to safety and function of the room. Hence, an interior design should be attentive to detail. Through the curriculum in Rome, I would be able to learn interior designs in-depth.

Furthermore, I have chosen to transfer to Rome because of the wider opportunity it will offer me. In the world of architectural and interior designs, the competition is very tight because of the existence of thousands of designers. As for me, I believe that I can confidently vie with them through my educational background and experiences. In my pursuance to attain the education I wanted, I have chosen Rome to be my partner. More importantly, I have known designers whom I can work with when taking my real practice of interior designing.

In going to Rome, I aspire of earning my degree in one of the most reputable school in interior design. I also I know that I may encounter difficulties and problems once I land there. But, I am confident that I can be able to surpass whatever problem that I may encounter.

It is noteworthy that Rome is not only a cool place to learn. It can also be a place to look into history through the structures surrounding the country. In my desire to personally see all these things that have incited my curiosity, I planned of flying to Rome. Aside from studying interior design, I also intend to study their culture, belief, and architectural designs.

Since childhood, the architectural styles in Rome have inspired me to take interior design because of their unique yet magnificent pieces. Aside from that, I intend to learn about designing emphasizing more on the mood that a client wants to convey rather than on the physical aspect of the design. The lighting and color combinations are also a tough task for a designer. For these reasons, a deeper analysis of every detail is needed.

Personally, I have decided to transfer to Rome because I have dreamt of visiting it since childhood. Aside from the historical remnants still prevalent in the place, I also want to visit the beautiful tourist spots in that country. Like anybody else, I want to experience life in Rome.

In my desire to meet the demands of interior design, I have made my own research of different schools that are known for expertise in interior design. In addition, I have consulted advises from friends who had finished their studies in Rome in the same profession I want to pursue. Being aware of the tougher competition and tougher professors, I have studied extra lessons related to interior design. I have browsed and studied magazines about architectural and interior designing.

            I also believe that practice makes perfect. Ever since, I had been hired by my friends and those related to my family to design every room in their homes. I took the service even it was for free in exchange of experiences and exposure. Through these ways, my skills will not only be enhanced but will also open me chance to explore more about interior designing.

            Undoubtedly, interior designing is does not only involve a single discipline. Instead, it requires that the student is adept with environmental psychology, product design, traditional decoration, and architecture. Interior designing is only limited to decorating a room. But rather, the decoration should ensure beauty, safety, and function of the room. Architectural design is concomitant to interior design because it is necessary that interior design match with the external design of the building. In order to comply with this requirement, I studied a bit of architecture. I studied basic architectural designs on my own. In addition, I studied styles and schemes on decorating different kinds of architectural designs.

Aside from that, I have solicited styles from my interior designer friends to prepare me for the career I have chosen to take. Furthermore, in the present trend, customers trust more on designer who has an international taste of designs. Through my educational degree and experience abroad, more opportunity will open wider for me.

As for me, I believe that earning my degree in Rome will open more opportunities for me. Through the knowledge, styles, and skills that I will learn from Rome, I would earn confidence in competing with those I have admired. In addition, through confidence, I would earn courage to open my own shop. More importantly, my educational background would increase my capability of earning more than a rookie. Above all, I would be confident to teach others too who are interested in interior design.

            I have anticipated that my life in Rome would be quite strenuous, especially that I would be living there as a stranger. But, I have prepared myself for any trials that may test my capabilities. The drawback of diversity may be one of the major trials. But I am confident that I can go along with people I would be dealing with. Besides, I believe that friendship can easily be built through interest that binds people. I believe that I can easily find friends who are also fond of arts and design that I can rely on while staying in Rome. Despite that, the physical environment in Rome would not be a problem for me for I have always wanted to experience the romantic ambiance of the country. Besides, there is no difference as to the place where I live now. The foods will not also be a problem because I have been eating some of their main dishes and have also been among my favorites.

In going to Rome, I will not only be able to fulfill my dream of earning my degree but will also achieve my dream of experiencing a life in Rome. It might be a tough decision for I know that several problems are waiting for me. But I believe that through persistence, determination, and patient, I will be able to break the barriers of my insurmountable dream. Through determination, I would be powered to pursue my dream despite difficulties. Through persistence, I would be able to rise every time I fall. As they have said, patient is a virtue. Regardless of effort and time I may lose, I am filled with hope that one day, my dream will transpire into a reality. Aside from that, I am filled with inspiration through the support of my parents and friends. They were always been behind me to push me to get through the pedestal of my dream. More importantly, through earning my degree in Rome, I would be able to fulfill more effectively and efficiently my role as an interior designer in the society.



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