[Solved] personal statement 4

Life always takes me to a new and exciting experience each day. I believe everything that happened to me made me a person better than I am yesterday. It is a roller coasters experience since I meet every ups and down in life I always look forward in the future with much anticipation. I have a heart full of hope and a determined mind to succeed in everything I do. This is why I decided to apply for an MBA at UC Davis Graduate School of Business. I have the right mindset and I possess the necessary skills needed for the said program. I am looking forward to a future full of hope.

I believe I can make all my dreams a reality come true. My name is and I am a graduate of UC Irvine with a Business Economics Degree Minor in Management. I graduated in 2007 and got hired on various corporations where I gained more knowledge on the world of Business. It is my short term goal to finish an MBA degree so that I can apply everything that I learned in researches and related field jobs. I also wish to gain more valuable working experiences so that I can polish both of my oral and written interpersonal skills. I believe that the educational experience I had is still not enough that is why I continue to quest for knowledge and pursue another degree that can contribute to my growth both personally and professionally. I consider education as the most important factor geared towards success; and in order to achieve such, hard work and dedication should be exemplified in school. I am determined to succeed in life and continue the said degree until the end. In addition to my aforementioned goal, it is my long term goal to be a successful businessman and be able to run a business of my own. I believe that everything is possible as long as an individual is dedicated and persuasive enough to reach the peak of success.

My work experiences made me more ready to face the challenges ahead of me. I value every exposure that I had from my first job up to the present. I am presently working at Designs Combined Inc as a General Office Manager and I am blessed by bountiful workloads that made me more stable to stand as a good business leader. I see to it that the company’s goals and policies are well maintained by both staffs and employees. I also handle laying out general work schedule for employees and their daily assignments. I also prepare and submit reports without sacrificing deadlines. I see to it that in negotiating and developing contracts with clients, the supply of goods and service are of good quality. This company made me excellent in terms of managing and arranging shows and meetings with buyers and different companies. I am really pleased with the position given to me because it gave me great deals of customer service experiences. Management of business is one great passion for me to work for.

Aside form my present job I also had experiences working for a bank at Wells Fargo, as a Financial Advisor at Metropolitan Life Insurance and as Stock and State Associate at GAP. I was lucky enough to be hired by different companies because it gave me a diverse experience in the business setting. I learned how to provide banking services not only to clients but also to my co-bankers who are new in the business. As a financial advisor, I was able to compose correspondence, memos, charts, tables, graphs, business plans and other documents in a professional manner; create and develop visual presentations. My work at GAP made me more responsible especially when dealing with sales and gaining loyal clients.

My experiences in my previous companies made me crave more for knowledge and trainings about business. I believe that it will give me higher career opportunity once I acquired an MBA degree. I treasure every knowledge and achievement that I receive and impart it to my family and the institution where I am studying. I believe that it is always right to bring back the glory to the ones who assisted you towards success. Gaining recognitions is my way of paying tribute to my mentors and friends. Why Pursuing an MBA degree will help my career and how the MBA will help me

accomplish my goals Being a recent graduate of BA in Business Economics, it made me more motivated to strive for a higher education. I am physically, intellectually, emotionally and financially prepared to pursue an MBA degree and develop more of my business qualities. I feel that this is the best time for me to complete a degree offered by an institution that recruits only the best business students. I wanted to improve my business skills and how to create high quality business relationships and gain unique leadership styles that will fit my personality. In addition to this, an MBA degree will be an excellent exercise for me to learn and build bridges on the different areas of business which is beyond what it seen on textbooks. This university is armed with wide array of resources and professors whoa re business experts that will hone me to become a successful businessman in the future. Pursuing a MBA degree is an excellent exercise for my intellect that can learn to build bridges from one area to another beyond limits foreseen by textbook. Thus a MBA degree will be a great benefit for me from educational, intellectual and career perspectives.

Since my long term goal is to become a successful businessman, I believe that having a diversified background is also of great advantage. Being raised in a culture of Chinese and Americans, I have learned how to mingle with different people and negotiate with them. This will help me gain more clients in the future and make a contribution on the country’s economy. Having an MBA degree in Business will make me a more complete professional. I will be more aware of the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in life. It will be an additional spice to the previous education that I had.

The UC Davis Graduate School of Business is equipped of the professors and educational resources that will make me an expert in this field. I already feel the warmth and friendliness of future professors and colleagues. Another reason for attending UC Davis Graduate School of Business is the reputation that it possesses when it comes to catering students. It offers a wide array of information and facilities that helps in cultivating the knowledge to promising students like me. Success has been attributed to the lessons learned in the years ahead. These are the little things that help us become prepared for the difficulties that life has to offer Through my hard work and patient, I believe that I will be able to gain a great deal of experience on how to make it big in this field of interest. Furthermore, I realized that rendering my services in the field of Business would bridge gaps between people. In this light, I had to improve and level up my skills in this degree for me to practice the profession. There are skills and virtues needed for one to be successful in life. These are not simply found inside our house or outside the classroom.

It needs to be gained earned the hard way. Although it may seem like a dream, I want to be known as someone who has contributed much to my society. Although this may sound off, I believe that anyone can be successful, as long as he puts his heart and soul into it. Hard work and dedication are needed in order to become the striking individual that I want to be. Business covers many areas that gave me challenges and opportunities. Becoming a professional in this field is a life long dream for me that will meet both of my philosophy and career goals.

I am more than ready to take courage and travel the journey towards my ambition of being a successful businessman in the future and help people the best that I can. All my personal qualities and experiences made me a clearer understanding of this profession as it made me realize the importance of choosing this career. From everything that has been said, I believe that the education and training that UC Davis Graduate School of Business would provide me with, would be of great help in my quest for further studies. My goals and aspirations in life would become one step closer at a time.


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