[Solved] personal reflective essay

Most of the parents usually prefers to admit their children to a boarding school thinking that it will be effective for them, imbibes a sense of discipline , obey the rules, respect their elders, create a good habits, spent more time on study, become independent, etc Most of the parents in my country who are rich, they usually prefer to send their children to the private School due to of their busy working lifestyle. No matter how much it’s going to cost, they just want to send their children to boarding school because they know that they are strict and effective for children. They want their children to be good in study and show a good behavior. But I think that they are just ignoring the real fact that it could affect the children’s health emotionally, psychologically and mentally. They don’t know much stress does it going to put in the children’s mind who are felling of loss and abandonment from their own parents.

Moreover, parents are ignoring the fact that later it’s going to affect relationship between them. In boarding school, children’s are bounded with a strict rules and regulation. They don’t have a choice and they have to be self reliant. It will ultimately put the children’s through the psychological changes. It is a serious matter and no one ever think about what will happen to their mind when they grow up, What kind of people they will become if they are exposed to such strict environment. As for me, from the beginning of my childhood I never wanted to go to boarding school being far from my family and living with bunch of strangers. But I guess that was not the choice I could make in my life. Let’s start with my experience in boarding school which was far away from my home town. Due to of my dad business he thought that it would be good for me if I don’t travel much.

But I just felt as if I must have done something wrong to be sent away. So he admitted me in the boarding school thinking that it will give me stabilityand I can concentrate in my study at one place only and at that time I was just 8. I still remember my first day at boarding school where I was taken by my parents and at the time when they were leaving, I looked from the window saw them driving their car away, at the very moment I felt of being abandoned. That three years being apart from my family have had a great impact on my life and I think thatwas the worst 3 years I had ever spent in my life in Boarding School. The School was established by Indian People investing a lots of money.So most of the professors were Indian and it was little hard to understand there language. Most of them were big in size and by looking at their face only one could understand that how much strict they are.

The surrounding of place was like a village where there are not so many people or houses so that students can concentrate in their studies leaving everything behind. Honestly! For me it was like a prison where teachers are the guard and students are the prisoners. We were only allowed to go out in the ground field once a day for like two hour only.The code of the school was “Discipline comes first no matter what”. Discipline was so tight that if any students failed to obey, they were given a physical punishment which had created a fear among most of the students. Another worst thing about that school was there was a separate school for boys and girls. So in no ways they can be connected to each other. Moreover rules like, waking up at the 5’o clock in the morning, do the physical exercise in early morning, can’t go to bed until 11, be right on time for each and every activities, etc. were hard to bear.The worst part of the school was hostel where we had to study for extra 6 hours even after we finished our regular school class.

For that 3 years I couldn’t get a chance to meet my younger sister properly and a build a strong relationship with her. I am glad that I left that school. And after that I never left the side of my family until I finished my high school. Now I am free from that prison. I have lots of friends both boys and girl, I enjoy every weekend with my family and I love my sister more than anything in this world. I never looked back at that place, never even talked about it. I just ignore that moment. When I remember again that moment in my life I get scared and I must say that it still hunt me as one of my worst nightmare.

And now, I imagine myself that how could I learn about life on such kind of environment? If I’m not exposed to the open environment then how can I know about it? How can I learn how to defend myself in this competitive environment? How can I place myself as a competitive member of environment if I am unknown about it? I’m pretty sure that only holding a degree in a hand won’t provide me the job that I’ve have been always dreaming about, it won’t give me the satisfaction that I’ve always wanted, it won’t fulfill my needs not even the basic one. Also I can’t be with a girl that I’ve always wanted to be because being exposed on such environment won’t let me to know about girls and their needs.

You know what? Forget the needs I wouldn’t even know how to talk with them, I wouldn’t be able to make a difference between boy and a girl. So I ask these things to myself and wonders “does it gives my life a meaning?” If not then what’s the purpose of throwing such a huge amount of money in such type of school? What’s the point of investing a huge money and built such type of school if it doesn’t provide what we’ve wanted?


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