[Solved] personal introduction

What is your major, or what are thinking about majoring in? Why have you chosen this area of study? I am majoring in Dental Assisting. Since I was a little girl my dream job was to be a Neonatal Nurse but as high school was coming to an end and college was approaching, I decided last minute to switch to Dental Hygiene. I chose not to major in nursing because the program seemed impossible to get into, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be a nurse for the rest of my life.

Also if I were to be in a Nursing program I would have to do so much other tasks that are not involved with Neonatal Nursing that the time spent in college would be twice as many years as a Dental program. Choosing a major/career at such a young age is difficult and I still am not sure that I want to work in a Dentist’s office or if it’s the right field for me so I am hoping to get a better understanding of what it’s like to be an assistant or hygienist when I do observation hours.

The only thing I knew about Dental Hygiene is that the wages are decent, so based on the above I decided to major in Dental. I am hoping that this choice was a good one and I have a rewarding career in my future. Read some magazines or newspapers (paper or online) and list three headlines that capture your interest. Explain why they interest you. 1. I found the headline titled “Germs” extremely interesting because being aware of germs is a part of my daily life.

I constantly wash my hands even if they are not dirty, I feel like they are dirty. The fun but not so funny facts and statistics throughout history were really interesting. 2. Turning Points is a letter from the Editor of allure magazine; this headline interested me because it is about make-overs for women that do not put much effort into their looks. I am all for beauty and fashion and I love getting dressed up and looking nice so I thought it was something that I could put into my daily life. . The headline “Flu now widespread in 47 states, CDC says” caught my attention because the flu is something that I would not want to experience again. The fact that its spreading so much increases the chances of me or my family getting it, which is not the ideal situation. What kind of sports do you enjoy? What controversies about sports can you recall? I have always loved playing volleyball. In high school I enjoyed watching wrestling and football because my brothers were in both.

I remember hearing about the UND Fighting Sioux controversy. It was basically about the use of American Indian logos, mascots and nicknames. I believe UND eventually spent millions of dollars to rebuild a stadium. Also here at NDSCS, there was a controversy about whether it was right to kick off a football player for having an older male in the box, although it was against the rules to have a guest in this particular place, the football player and others believed that he was being punished for his sexuality, which he was gay.

Describe any political or social issues that interest you I find the new gun control issue interesting. In my opinion having a law against having specific guns is not going to change the issue we have today. I read an article and one phrase that really stuck out to me was “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” which is in my belief very much true. Think back to the last disagreement you had with someone over an issue. What was the controversy? The last disagreement I had with someone was with my mom.

I have a $200 phone bill that I have to pay in order to have texting/calling again and she does want to pay it at the moment, of course being a teenage girl keeping in touch with friends is really important. A phone in this day and age is basically a necessity. It is the main communication source that me and my friends/family use so without it, it is hard to get a hold of people. What kind of music do you listen to? Can you recall any controversies surrounding music? I basically like all music except for scream-o.

Music is a part of my everyday life and it actually can control my mood at times. If I am listening to sad music I am most likely going to feel “sad” for maybe absolutely no reason except for the fact that the music brings back memories or an event. On the upside, music can be really uplifting. I am willing to bet there is a controversy over music everyday no matter big or small. Two friends can disagree on what music they want to listen to on a road trip and depending on the people and tempers, it could upset one or both people which may lead to something deeper than a disagreement on music.


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