[Solved] personal history architecture career

In my childhood, an old blueprint with a lingering ammonia smell was a doodling sheet for me. I have always been familiar with the world of architecture as my father is an architect. Although I have wandered quite a lot, I have till now developed my architectural philosophy and talent in my own way by getting experiences from school through a construction company to an architectural designer’s office. I entered the department of architecture on a scholarship in 1996.

But I consciously saw myself as a victim of my father’s expectations because I had to give up my dreams of being a teacher. So, next year, I withdrew from school for a time. I travelled all over the country while doing a part-time job on the other hand. It was an extraordinarily impressive experience to be in touch with such an awe-inspiring space created by the harmony between Korea’s beautiful nature and traditional architecture. I came to reflect on myself and reconsider the meaning of architecture.

Then, I could realize how much I loved architecture, although trying to keep away from it. After returning to school, I dedicated myself to my studies I had neglected before. The results seemed to fall short of my expectations, but I came to realize the pleasure of studying architecture. I started to work at an apartment construction site in May 2002. The field service was laborious but wonderful. I went to work at six every morning and sometimes had to leave the work even after the midnight when the concrete slab task was delayed.

I got only a day off every other week. But it was my great pleasure to watch the apartment buildings become more and more completed day by day. The bright light from the finally completed buildings brought me an immense sense of achievement. In charge of the whole construction of two apartment houses and an underground parking lot, I superintended them with the greatest care as if the 240 apartments were my own. To achieve this, a sense of responsibility and sincerity was basically required.

In addition, I came to develop the ability to judge logically and to cope quickly, since I learned by experience that schedule and quality could vary according to even the slightest change of such elements as laborers, machines, materials and the weather. My work in an architectural design office, which I began in October 2003, demanded repeated night work, through which I learned how to manage time efficiently and I experienced the practical world of architecture I had never known at ollege. Among other things, the designing work made me aware that architecture could touch a human heart. In spring 2005, the Koko building’s underground theater presented “Red Peter, the Dancing Monkey” (Bericht fur eine Akademie) on the stage in celebration of the opening of the building, whose planning and execution drawing project I had taken charge of. I went to the play but couldn’t concentrate on it, because I could not but observe the audience laughing delightfully.

After the end of the play, the actor made an unforgettable comment: “I have never seen a wonderful theater like this even abroad. I am deeply grateful for making me perform on this precious stage. ” My thinking and painstaking efforts can contribute to providing a space where many people enjoy precious moments. That is the most charming aspect of working as an architect. All those precious experiences made me what I am. I still want to continue to grow up and meet a new challenge. Wanting to fulfill my dream of architecture, I intend to apply to your school.


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