[Solved] perfectly imperfect

Perfectly ImperfectThere is always a reason why people are not perfect as what we wanted to be. Perfection is way out of our league and we all know it. Perhaps, questioning why we are made imperfect is quite stupidity.

Perfection is not the basis of greatness or superiority. In our daily lives, we meet people who are extremely great but imperfect like us, one proof that perfection is not equals to greatness. People are made imperfect by God and only those who thinks they were great are the ones who are less imperfect that all of us.The BookIn Temple Grandin’s book entitled “Thinking in Pictures”, she mentioned that despite of her situation as an autistic, she was actually good and half able to produce or make machines which helps most of the livestock companies in present.

Perhaps she had a very good imagination which in reality actually is true. Most autistics develop a greater visual because they tend to focus more than normal beings.In reading Grandin’s book, one will enlightened about the lives of the autistics and what was there for them including the greatness they can do when given proper attention. In the first paragraph in the first chapter of the book, she said that she thinks in pictures (Grandin), which is actually not a talent of the greater half of the world but only of those who can see beyond what the human eyes can see.

There is something about them which makes them more human than us and it is the ability to see what we cannot see and in the case of Grandin, she was able to understand the feelings of the animals by looking at them which only few people can do.In-depth AutismAutism is not a disease that we should which means that we don’t have any reasons, actually valid reasons why we should not befriend them or why we should not pay attention to them. We all have as choice whether we shall form a friendship with them or turn our backs and stop understanding them. It is always our choice but in the end we must realize that they need no rejection from us.

It is not who is perfect and who is normal. In the end what matters the most is that you as a person develop a very good thinking and understanding of the world out there for you. We might consider her as an eccentric, stupid or out of her mind but it does not make sense at all because as long as we keep on telling her that, the longer she will not believe in us. She was indeed successful and by the looks of it, probably she will have a long way to go and she will make us see that autistics were not stupid.

She already did and she will keep on doing it… until she can.Perfectly Imperfect and impairedWe cannot condemn those people who were born autistics. It is the same things that we cannot tell them to act naturally and be civil. In their heads were worlds which they own and no one can make them get out of it.

Like a very good trainee, they form a world which they own but they were also able to develop skills which other do not even have. In the end, it is not our judgment which matters the most but our acceptance and our capacity to love them and to understand them counts the most.People were never made perfect. Each one of us possesses an imperfection which makes us unique beings.

In the case of those who have autism, they were like us normal human beings only slightly fractured or injured but these imperfections make them a more admirable and unique individuals. They are not just autistics, they are special people. Perfectly imperfect but admirable and special.Works CitedGrandin, Temple.

Thinking in Pictures


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