[Solved] penny synthesis

The penny has served as a trademark for America since 1793 and it has helped us succeed in many ways throughout American history. The U. S. continues to draw strength from its history and honored traditions. Therefore, preserving these traditions is vital to the continued greatness of our country. The U. S. should not abolish the penny because it is valuable to the economy, significant to society, and an important tradition to continue.

Simply put, the penny is far too valuable economically and historically to be banned. State economies depend on it, our past is preserved by it, and our traditions are honored by it. In the article, Source A explains the significance it has to the state of Tennessee, which is rich in Zinc. Therefore, it is essential to their economy for penny production, and the citizens would be greatly affected. The penny is a largely recognized historical component of American life, and it is far too entrenched to be easily uprooted.

All of the time and money spent to campaign to abolish it is simply not worth the “benefits”. Source E, a poll from the Harris group, shows the strong desire American’s have towards keeping the penny, thus its importance to society. It is noted in Source D that the penny remains essential to the public and is very important to our pricing system, including taxes. The penny’s most recent intent was to recognize and celebrate President Lincoln’s birth, and has been an important historical tradition ever since.

Source F mentions how the penny is one of the most visible reminders of Lincoln’s significance to American history. As seen in Source G, the penny has existed in our society since the country’s earliest days. It is a portrayal of one of our greatest presidents, as Source F explains how the Federal Government has done well to secure the survival of the penny symbolically by renewing the images of President Lincoln. Banning the penny would be detrimental to America, both historically and economically.

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