[Solved] pablo escobar story

Pablo emilio Escobar was one of the world’s most wanted criminals in the 1980s. He was born december 1, 1949 in Antoquia, Colombia to middle class parents and family. Pablo’s older brother ,Roberto, said that Pablo was a friendly, kind person who would’ve like too achieve greatness in Colombia. Pablo always dreamed and planned to be president of Colombia. Unfortunately, Pablo started hanging out with the wrong people in Medellin, which were small time hustling gangs. Pablo Criminal life started when we was still in school, their would be rumors of him stealing tombstones from the local graveyards and sell them to panamanian smugglers.

Later on, Pablo went to stealing cars and became really skilled at that. Pablo then started to build a name for himself in the Colombian criminal world. In the early 1970s Pablo began to buy large amounts of coca from bolivia and peru, which he then turned into cocaine. He then sent all of that cocaine to the United States. Pablo’s buissnes began to grow a lot so then pablo decided to collaborate with other criminal group’s, which then made that the Medellin cartel. Fabio Restrepo the well known drug dealer, was then murdered in the 1975, which left pablo the head of the cartel.

His brother roberto was always the one handeling the accounts. Pablo was always attracted to younger girls. When he was 26 years old, he fell in love with 15 year old Maria victoria henao vellejo, they then got married and had two children named juan pablo and Manuela. Pablo’s started to grow a lot when we started kidnapping and assinations over the years. In 1982 Escobar was elected as deputy represenative to the chamber of represenatives of colombia’s congress. He then started making charities and football clubs around medellin. Escobar would always be paying low-housing for poor people in the medellin community.

Pablo also made his own newspaper, which was protected by many medellin citizens. He controled 80% of cocaine going into the United States. With his own factories, airplanes and radio-controlled submarines, it was estimated that he would send 70 to 80 tonnes of Cocine monthly. You might be thinking how did pablo control all that drug money? He would control a huge amount of bankers and lawyers. That would be making his drug cartel family bigger and powerful everyday. In 1985, the united states started pressuring Colombia about the extraditon towards Escobar.

Pablo started telling the colombian authorites that he would stop the drug trafficking, if they would take down the extraditon. He then started a terror campain that was killing innocent civilians. In the 1989, pablo was listed as the 7th richest man in the world by forbes magizine with a fortune of 24 billion dollars. He loved living a extravagant lifestyle, he would invest his money in real estate, really nice homes and many private helicopter ports. Pablo was living the life he wanted. He had a private zoo with exotic animals and hundreds of fruit trees. Escobar owned numerous amount of apartments and large parts of land.

For his protection, pablo had the Help of criminals from the guerilla army. Pablo’s terror campain were responsible for the lives of politicians, civil servants. journalist and ordinary citizens. On december 2,1993 Pablo Emilio Escobar died. He was killed by a combination of colombian forces, known as the search block and members of the paramilitary group “los pepes”. They were a anti escobar group that wanted him dead, for the killings of family members and friends. Some indications said that the United states delta force was part of Pablo Escobar killing.

Pablo’s wife, daughter and son werent allowed to any nation of the world. They all shut their close to the escobar’s, they were afraid of any attack, with the guerillas, and any people that wanted to attack them. The only country that would accept Pablo’s wife and kids was Argentina. Pablo’s son juan pablo escobar has changed his name to sebastian Marroquin to avoid scruity and notority. Pablo Escobar will always be the drug lord.

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