[Solved] orangina ad analysis

Campaign Analysis: Orangina: “Naturally juicy” I decided to choose the “naturally juicy” Orangina advertising, which is a part of a campaign where the direction is, animals acting and looking like human beings. It embodies the new generation of advertisements; the fact that it is perceived as shocking and explicit by the older generations is a proof. It is nevertheless this change of strategy that allowed boosting the brand. So, by the analysis of this advertising, we are going to see the different aspects, which allowed to mark the mind and to keep the brand in the head of consumer during the behaviour of the purchase.

History of Orangina: * Orangina had a big success immediately after is apparition on the market in 1936 with serious concurrent such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi which take the most part of adolescent market. * In 1972, the group create is fist little movie “The trick of the barman”. It’s the beginning of a long advertising saga but they still try to reach the most important part of the consumer: “the young” that are more attracted to Coca-Cola. So they launch a new communication system, instead of put a man, in first side, Orangina advances exotic and erotic side. In 1990, they use a new icon: “the bottle man” that’s going to stay 9 years. that will give a nicer image to the product. * During the 2000’s, the sales decrease and in 2006 Orangina launch the campaign “sup d’orangina” to celebrate the 70 years of it but it is not sufficient. * In 2007, Orangina found the new communication method that will revolutionise the market: “naturally juicy” that allow them to internationalise themselves. A more “hot” campaign, more sensual, which create a buzz and so relaunch the sales. Description and analyse of the ads:

This is the link to look at the video of the ads: http://www. dailymotion. com/video/x3hfwg_orangina-naturally-juicy-english-ve_news This is the link to look at the making of the ads: http://www. youtube. com/watch? gl=FR&hl=fr&v=8G_6bho7emw The ad is like a cartoon, which has been made with 3D and use of real actors. That shows animals with human traits and appearances. They lend themselves to very suggestive poses that give an almost erotic aspect at this ad. There are 2 main actors: A doe in bikini and a bear wearing a fig leaf.

The decor: is looking as a fairy forest, like the Eden’s garden in order to make the viewer dreaming. Action: We can observe many film references that we are going to analyse below: First of all, there is a doe doing swing (faire de la balancoire) and drinking Orangina. The bear comes by seeing the doe, causing him a kind of attraction. He steals the Orangina bottle and poured the contents on the ground like a magic potion. The Orangina make flowers growth. He offers a flower to the doe and took her in his arms. Thus begins a game of seduction between the two characters.

Then the doe fall gently into a bed of flowers that fly and flutter. This is the first reference to a movie that you can find, because this scene is in the film “American Beauty. ” Later we see the bear receives Orangina from an octopus stripper. The doe pretend to not being jealous and starts a show with his dancers. Then we can see her sitting on a chair, grab a vine; it gives rise to a giant bottle of Orangina that flows on her. This is a second reference to a movie, which is the cult scene of the film “flash dance”.

Subsequently, there is a more general landscape where you can find a source of water with giant oranges: this is a reference to the drink composed of these two elements. Then you can see everyone partying like in a “cabaret”. Bottles of Orangina opens like bottles of champagne, with erotic connotation such as zebras sitting on it; and it is also the case of the rabbits receiving a shower of these jets or the octopus that press oranges against his chest. Everyone seems to enjoy and that reinforces the jovial and festive aspects of the drink.

For the final plan, we can see the bears and the doe in intimacy sharing a bottle of Orangina on a hill in front of a sunset. This is a reference to the ends of romantics’ movies where lovers are happy and without any problems. Thus the whole happened on a lively music that attracts attention with its festive spirit in accordance with party and Orangina. Orangina has chosen to focus its positioning around a green world, generous, sexy and full of joy. A world of abundance and lightness directly link with the slogan “naturally juicy”.

This ad serves several purposes of marketing, all related to the imagination created by the brand: * Associate the brand Orangina with human senses (sight, hearing, taste) * Give-a signature festive drink * Emphasize the notion of sensuality (juicy) To achieve this new target, Orangina combines two seemingly irreconcilable notions: the naturalness and sophistication. the natural is put forward by the product (which is as differentiated with competitors: Coca-Cola … ). Sophistication and humour will elicit complicity; trigger the desire and commitment to the product.

Advertising is designed with the intention of intrigue (they spread several advertising and announcing extract that teasing people and make them want to see the ad), disturb (animals with posture that are provocative and uncomfortable), fun (Orangina has not forget the humour that his is strength in previous campaigns, for example for this ad the reference to famous movie is a kind of humour) and finally seduce and convince the viewer. All of that have the goal of regain market share; Orangina wanted an ad that is going to capture the attention of a wide audience. Children: a world with dancing animals and bright colors * Teenagers: love the challenging side * The housewife: may be shocked by the erotic aspect but his attention is drawn. To attract a wider audience beyond the target teenagers, Orangina has chosen to focus its communication on its product and to assert its difference from the competition. The brand wants to decentralize from its primary target, the housewife, to better itself in the minds of younger such as adolescent and 20’s people and thus become an icon. Story of the campaign: The agency has decided to start the promotion of the product by the “poster ampaign” to play the card of mystery. Indeed, the spots made ?? for media television, film and Internet were visible until November, the posters where arrived in September and that tease the mind of consumer. In addition to the website dedicated to the campaign, advertisement, posted on social networks like Youtube, has benefited from strong vitality and has been viewed over 1 million times. Critics and Result of the campaign: While in France, the advertising was appointed to the International Advertising Festival at Cannes in 2008 for his commercial, in England, “naturally juicy” was controversial.

In the classification established by the British magazine Campaign, they included the Orangina’s ad for the gap between the product and the context. The campaign in England did not start until August 1, 2008 (21:30 on the entertainment channel E4). The ad start being distributed throughout the month of August and was threatened to be withdrawn following a deposit of 147 complaints. One of these critics, Kidscape, a charity for children, said: ”Orangina is a drink which is mainly aimed at children and young people, but this new advert places the product in a very sexualised and provocative context. Meanwhile, the game of controversy have been benefiting for Orangina, the commercial English version had been viewed over 3 million times on the Internet… With an investment of almost equivalent to previous campaigns, this repositioning allows Orangina increase his notoriety. As a result, sales increased. This ad has boosted the reputation of the business through surprising side of it, which pushed everyone to discuss and thus create a buzz around the brand. It is important to take into account the evolution of sales because it plays a vital role in the buying behaviour.

Despite the fact that advertising is directed sales to a younger audience, the brand Orangina says that they always have all ages of consumers. We can therefore conclude that advertising plays an important role for the brand; it is a major component to the success of a product or a brand. The shocking nature in the case of Orangina has created a “Boom” necessary to revive it. Orangina is today the market leader in sparkling fruit drinks and appreciated by more than 500 million consumers in more than 60 countries on five continents. Orangina obtained it thanks to their ads that are always imaginative and impactful.

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