[Solved] opposing viewpoint blue collar brilliance

Mike Rose describes in his essay how it was growing up and watching his mother as well as his uncle working a blue collar job, but being very nifty and clever in executing the job. He himself after finishing college work multiple different teacher jobs before beginning a study about the thought processes involved in blue collar work. There are always exceptional examples that are more intelligent than other working blue collar jobs, however, a big percentage of workers are working these jobs because of their low intelligence level.

Rose is claiming in his essay that it is wrong that intelligence is closely associated with formal education and that society falsely came to the belief that work requiring less schooling also requires less intelligence. However, I disagree with his opinion, having to work on an assembly line myself in the past more than once, I have noticed that it is not necessary to be very bright. Many people with for examples disabilities or low intelligence are employed in jobs like factory assembly or delivery.

It is very easy to break in a new employee and show him / her how and what to do. Nevertheless, I also agree with Rose that there are people out there working less intelligence requiring job, like his mother or his uncle, who do exceptional in their job. Bringing the effort to make their routines and ways of resolving work problems more efficient is not every worker of blue collar jobs ambition.

Saying that blue collar worker are more intelligent than they are thought to be might be in a couple of cases right, but saying that these jobs require more intelligence than assumed only by giving a couple of exceptional examples does not prove anything. It does not require much intelligence to fold boxes or to deliver a pizza if you have a good map or a phone with navigation. There needs to be a lot more research to define the intelligence level of a certain work group to disprove that the belief of a connection between the schooling for a job and the intelligence level is wrong.


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