[Solved] online enrollment system

Chapter 1

Technology now a day revolves almost in every type of business. A business using the manual system could not cope up with an automatic-based business. An inventory and sales system may have the features and capabilities that a manual system cannot provide. The system provides ease of use and accurate sales computation which results to good production and profit. Automation is innovation, relying on computerize systems is an advantage in the business field.

With the help of a computerized system, the job becomes a lot easier for the employees. A tailor master’s most basic job is to make it quicker and easier for their clients. With the system, the proponents’ intends to save paper and money. The system intends to cut off 20% to 40% of time being waste on manually writing invoice, and this result to less wasted time and more time doing the actual job. On the other hand, the customers wait less, especially in a successful business, this comes very important.

Background of the Study
The Fashion Style Tailors is an independent entrepreneur started out in 1997 as Father and Son Tailors. The founder named the shop Father and Son Tailors because he wanted his son to inherit the business. At first, the second owner (the son), had no interest on taking over the family business, but he studied business management. After he graduated, he traveled to Paris to decide what he would do for living.

When he returned home to the Philippines, he decided to take over the business his father started but on the condition that he would change the name and concept of the business, therefor renaming it as The Fashion Style Tailors developed in making and designing garments that suit the clients’ request, the early version of the shop was just made to repair and alter garments. The business started with few designs that caught the attentions of some clients. Their business grew larger and expanded to different branches. Now that the business is stable and growing, they wanted to cope-up with technology.

Theoretical Framework of the Existing System and the Proposed System
In order to understand the operation of any kind of software, it is essential to consider the fundamental principle from which all the systems operate, and that is the system theory. The system theory implies that any operation contains three fundamental factors: the input, the process and the output.

The input refers to the data or information that is inserted into a system. The process is a method being executed in order to modify or to create new data or information. The output pertains to the end result of the data or information that is processed.

The system theory applies to both the existing manual system and the proposed computerized system. These three components are the units of analysis of the study or the variables. The input referred to as independent variable (IV), the process is called intervening variable (IV) and the output being the dependent variable (DV).

The concept that the proponents had in mind is to develop the existing system into a computerized system. Here is a visual presentation of what the usual input–process-output of the existing system, as well as the proponent’s proposed capstone. Shown in figure 1 is the Input-Process-Output representation of the existing system.

Existing System

Proposed System
Figure 1
Theoretical Framework of the Existing System and the Proposed System

The study is to provide and develop a fully working system that will favor the needs of the beneficiary and their clients. The proposed study will be providing a sales and inventory system that will enhance the efficiency of sales. This will also provide a data storage that will keep track of records of transactions and sales.

System Overview
The proposed system is a transaction processing system that will provide a convenient inventory, recording, monitoring, retrieving of records and less time consumed in doing so. The system uses small memory in the processing of the data. ——- The proposed system is online enrollment system that make enrolment and reservation faster and it will provide enlistment and enlistment that lessen the costumers time. Enrollment—enlistment,scheduling,payment,reservation

The proposed system is also used to build a trust with the customers, providing clear, detailed invoice to the customers makes them feel differently than a piece of hand written paper. Having a proper invoicing system will attract higher level clients to the shop, which results to a successful business.

—–the online enrollment system is also use for providing feature like parents can view their anak schedule that can help school bulid trust to students parents providing them supervise their anak in school that can help ang school for marketing and

The proposed system doesn’t need a high-end hardware to run on. The hardware specification are as follows: Any windows OS, a CPU with more than 2.5GHz, a hard disk space of 80GB or above and a RAM memory of 1GB and above.

Objectives of the Study
General Objective. To design and develop a stand-alone computerized tailoring and information system that would help the FS Tailors. -to develop online enrollment that can make enrollment easier and provide a feature that can make everyone view the schedule and help parent supervise their anak Specific Objective. Particularly the study would like to accomplish the following objectives: —–to make every students view their schedule and grades

——– to provide enrollment easier and less time consuming ——-
——to help parents supervise their anak

1. To analyze and describe the problems encountered by the respondents in the existing system of Fashion Style Tailors. 2. To analyze the respondents assessment on the existing software. 3. To identify the recommendations offered by the respondents to solve the problems in the existing software. 4. To prove that the study is technically and operational feasible for implementation.

Hypothesis of the Study
The proponents perceive the probability of implementing the software. The hypothesis of the study gives a temporary solution to the specific objectives; it became the basis of the researcher in making the proposed system. Ho: There is no significant difference between the proposed system and the system being implemented. Ha: There is a significant difference between the proposed system and the system being implemented.

Scope and Limitation
Scope. The proposed system focuses on the design and implementation of a stand-alone computerized tailoring and information system for FS Tailors, the intended beneficiaries of the study. The proposed system will have the capabilities of adding, editing, deleting, viewing records of customers and products. It will give the employees the capability to find or search for records of transactions, customers and products made or rented. The propsed system includes following features of editing viewing of recordsof students for employee

Limitation. This will not include the feature of providing and create a backup system and recover the system data whenever the hardware fails or due to electricity loss. Only administrators will have full access of the system, which mainly provides the alteration of data and information. The users of employees will have limited access confined to that of the said purpose. The study will concentrate in both information and inventory system.

Significance of the Study
The target users for this proposed study is the Fashion Style Tailors. The beneficiaries wish to computerize their manual existing processes involving sales, billing and to also store their customer information in a more convenient way which allows easier searching and faster data recovery. Also the proponents recommend this study to any tailoring shop who wants to have a better process of sales that would help in the operation of their business.

Eto isa pa ….—-the proposed system will be beneficial to aclc .this system will provide them online enrollment than their existing manual process like enrollment,reservation,payments,scheduling…also this propose system is recommended to any school that wants enrollment easier and faster. And it will help to market their school to other because at the first time in history there has a school that use this online enrollment system.

—–the system will be beneficial to the aclc itself and to the students the developers would further explain the significance of this project for said beneficiaries To students provide them online computerize enrollment than ther existing manual process like payments enrollment scheduling and make them easier and less time consuming .

To aclc bawas trabho para sa paggawa ng sched .promoting the galling ng education nila by producing this kind of system that was made by their students This study will also help the skul for marketing by the advance technology and skill ng mga student Definition of Terms

Usability – Is the ease of use and learnability of a system. Security – The degree of protection to safeguard the system. Manageability – The ability and degree to maintain and manage. Efficiency – Describes the extent to which time, effort or cost is well used for the intended system. Computerized – Process or business where the work done is via computer. Data – Used as storage data or information that is being processed and inputted from different business systems.

Databases are the backbone of all business systems; it is where all important information are stored and retrieved whenever needed. Database – It is an application that manages data and allows fast storage and retrieval. The data are typically organized to model relevant aspects of reality, in a way that supports processes requiring this information. LAN-Based – (Local Area Network) supplies networking capability to a group of computers in close proximity to each other such as in an office building, a school, or a home.

A LAN is useful for sharing resources like files, printers, games or other applications. Programming Languages – A software tool that developers or programmers use to create or modify various business systems and applications. System – A composite of equipment skills, techniques, and information capable of performing and/or supporting an operational role in attaining specified management objectives. A complete system includes related facilities, equipment, materials, services, personnel, and information required for its operation to the degree that it can be considered a self-sufficient unit in its intended operational and/or support environment.

System Analyst – one who studies the activities, methods, procedures, and techniques of organizational systems in order to determine what actions need to be taken and how these actions can best be accomplished. System Design – The specification of the working relations between all the parts of a system in terms of their characteristics actions. System Programmer – A programmer who plans, generates, maintains, and controls the use of an operating system with the aim of improving the overall productivity of an installation. Users – This group plays a big role in the successful implementations of any business system.

They know the detailed requirements as well as the current problems of the existing process. They will be the one using the system so one should be sure that all user concerns leading to the achievement of corporate goals are attended. Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) – Is an object-oriented computer programming language that can be viewed as an evolution of Microsoft’s Visual Basic (VB) which is generally implemented on the Microsoft .NET Framework.


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