[Solved] oj simpson guilty or innocent

OJ Simpson-Guilty or Innocent? The OJ Simpson case is one that has left a stain on law enforcement and put a pock down on the chain of command issues as well as the collection and contamination procedures across the US. Although more than most of the evidence could have put Mr. Simpson in prison for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman if it had been found to be creditable, the fact that the investigation and collection were so splotchy and unorganized, with evidence being misplaced or lost and entered months later, notes that didn’t match up, and blood evidence that wasn’t properly packaged and secured by procedure.

Just because Common sense tells us by looking at the abundance of evidence brought forward otherwise, for instance, the shoe evidence, the hair evidence, all of the fiber evidence, the typing of the blood matching Simpson’s, the glove evidence, and the fact that they knew Nicole has bought a pair the same brand and size, and the bronco evidence! It all points to Simpson in my opinion. Do I think he worked alone?

Not so much. I think he had a look out. Maybe even a law enforcement lookout. It was well known that OJ and Nicole has marital issues, and that on several occasions the police has been called to the Simpson house because of loud arguments. These arguments were overlooked and no citations were ever written more than likely due to the fame of Mr. Simpson. It was also well known that Mr. Simpson had a bad temper.

The Simpson case was used as a prime example of what not to do in process and procedure of investigation and collection of evidence in a case; especially a high profile case. Do I think OJ did it? Yes. Unfortunately, for the families of Nicole and Ron, the law states that you must prove persons guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and can not be tried for the same crime twice due to double jeopardy laws.


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