[Solved] nowadays psychiatry in movies

Mental Disorders are huge impacts in people’s lives. In this movie I have learned that Proto, the main character who is supposedly from a different planet called “K-Paxar”. When Proto comes to Earth, you first see him in Grand Central Station In New York City when Proto mysteriously Just appears. When the police asks him where he Is from and he explains that he is from the planet K-PAXAR, he Is arrested and sent off to Bellevue, a psychiatric hospital. When he gets to the psychiatric hospital, he meets Doctor Powell. Doctor Powell asks Proto many questions Including, do they have families and do they have wives or husbands.

Proto answers that they do not have any families on K-Paxar, nor do they have wives or husbands, and If the girlfriends gets pregnant, the kids will Just be wandering around almost as If they are orphans. At the first meeting with Proto and Doctor Powell, Proto eats an apple, which he calls the apple a “Red Delicious”. When he eats the apple he chews very loud, later on In the movie he eats a banana, with the peel on and he eats It whole. Proto says that he travels faster than the speed of light. Proto tells the doctor that he Is Three-Hundred and Thirty-seven years old in human years.

Proto wears dark sunglasses because he says that he is very sensitive to the light. Later on in the movie proto tells Howe, which is another patient at the psychiatric hospital, that if he can succeed three tasks that Proto will cure Howe. The first task is to find the Blue bird of happiness, when they saw a blue bird everyone in the hospital was very excited to see. After Howe saw the Blue bird, proto gave him another task which was to ***** and the last wish was to stay at the hospital. Proto says he can only bring one person back to K-PAXAR. Proto says he can only stay until July. 27 at 5:51 A.

M eastern time. Throughout the movie, Doctor Powell comes attached to Proto. At a fourth of July party at doctor Powell, when proto arrives to the party he goes straight to the dog and has a conversation with the dog. When the food came out at the party, Proto was only eating the fruit salad. One of Doctor Bowel’s daughters asked proto to push her on the swing. While Proto was pushing the girl, it seemed as if he has done it before but then Doctor Powell other daughter and Nephew turned on the sprinkler which flipped a switch and he just freaked out, almost as if he had a bad experience with water.


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