[Solved] my story of success and achieved goals

My story begins with being taught how to ride a bike, with great fear inside, I could not do it, until my father told me: Enough teaching you, you will never be able to ride a bike! At this exact moment, I learnt how to cross the bridge of my fears, I kept practicing cycling, although I fell down a couple of times, but each time I stood up stronger than before. I reached my goal of riding a bike perfectly; since then, I learnt how to be persistent till pursuing my dreams.

Going back to my past, I was brought up in an atmosphere that cherished Science and Research. My mother is a professor in a medical school, who devoted her life to researching on stem cells and nanotechnology. I have always been influenced by this scientific ambience, thereby, I appreciate the power of research and teaching for the future of the upcoming generations.

Furthermore, I travelled to lots of foreign countries for example; Bangkok, Austria, Spain and Turkey, by these experiences, intercultural adaptation is one thing I learned while travelling abroad, where I had to quickly adjust myself to new customs and cultures. I became more self-Responsible as well. Also, I joined the International Association of Dental Students (IADS), first I got to deal with students from different cultures in the training for trainers program(TNT). Being part of a team, has helped me gain team building skills as well as manage conflicts in a team.

Afterwards I became an IADS certified trainer where I organized a short motivational course, becoming the mentor of some students boosted my self-confidence. Since my childhood, I attended conversation courses at the British council, which was my first time to connect with different cultures at a very young age. I once had a Korean friend who to my surprise. came to learn Arabic and belly dancing.

Those courses have transformed me from a shy to an extremely self-confident person where giving a presentation became my passion. In addition, I shared in volunteering activities, one of them is the International Hepatitis Club IHEPC, by which I went on medical convoys in poor regions to raise awareness on ways to prevent the spread of HCV.

Dealing with un-educated citizens was challenging in order to deliver any message in its simplest form and with modesty. Community service was one of the missions of my university MIU, in which I shared in volunteering for diagnosing dental diseases and spreading public awareness campaigns in rural schools.

With commitment to excellence and dedication, I have graduated from dentistry as one of the high-ranking achievers among my colleagues. Also, good work ethics is essential, not only to my colleagues and faculty members, but also to my patients. I developed the sense of responsibility and most importantly commitment to every task I perform. Consistency is the key, which makes a successful person sustains his success, and by this trait I achieved my goals.

I have never gone with the flow as I believe that to be unique in anything, you need to work even when all people don’t. Immediately after I got accepted in a dental school, I joined a small clinic to work as a dental assistant, where I could know more about the field, dental materials used and how to deal with patients.

What Fulbright offers is a major achievement that takes my career to the next level! Dental materials is the field of my passion, by specializing in the U.S master’s program, this will give me the chance to take part in research-based learning course within advanced laboratory setting. With conducting research, I can develop new dental materials like Nanoscience-inspired materials which is a forthcoming invention that prevent dental caries.

On top of that, taking the privilege of becoming an Egyptian ambassador to the united states is a great honor. Moreover, the “multiplier effect” of my acquired training to affect other Egyptians positively is quite crucial. Thus, by this opportunity, I will be able to fulfill my teaching career in which lots of students will benefit from my practical-based knowledge.

To fulfill my goals, I have been working in an internationally certified dental center for four years, which gave me the sense of belonging to my second family; my dental team. Being mentored by an outstanding clinician in this clinic, has paved the way towards my career. Most importantly, in this clinic, there is a laboratory where I got the experience about digital technologies in dental materials. I became fond of the wide variety of dental materials and how proper knowledge of their characteristics influences clinical outcomes.

To sum up, Fulbright is a life-changing experience which will have a profound impact on my professional and personal endeavors; however, I believe that I am considered as an ideal candidate to acquire a position in this scholarship, due to my excellence, commitment as well as persistence to learn till I pursue my goals.


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