[Solved] monsanto case study

Case Study #1: Monsanto Attempts to Balance Stakeholder Interests 1. Does Monsanto maintain an ethical culture that can effectively respond to various stakeholders? I think Monsanto does follow an ethical culture because even when they have passed through many troubles, and they have succeed.

Also they have faced their problems and have take responsibility of their activities; I consider Monsanto as a “transparent” company because they always take into account their stakeholders and show them their activities, what is going on within the company, even though here is the problem; the fact of they trying to make the right things does not mean that they would conserve the environment, once the environment and biodiversity has been affected is very hard to turn around, does not mean neither that they would give away with their activities.

Nevertheless as shown in the case they tend to respond and to make things clear once they have been suited or accused of doing irregular activities. Monsanto as a personal point of view is a very risky business because it does not matter how well they would be doing within the corporation, there would be always groups, associations, and, laws against activities involved with activities related with those at Monsanto. On the other hand as I have already said Monsanto has learned to deal and to face with that sort of procedures, as read in the text they never hide things.

But anyway there are too many stakeholders affected, like biodiversity of plants, animal, farmers, customers (humans), and any of the actions taken by Monsanto to take care about their stakeholders could make damage already done disappear. 2. Compare the benefits of growing GMO seeds for crops with the potential negative consequences of using them. This question made realized about the different points of view that are exposed; We need to think about the consequences and benefits of having a business like Monsanto in our life.

Firstly GMO seeds are a matter of importance because those seeds are distributed to a very large quantity of farmers, and at the end of the chain those seeds end up in our food. There are a lot of Dos and Don’ts that can be mentioned. On the side of benefits I could mention that having GMO seeds in the market result in a positive action taken because nowadays population is increasing and as more people we are in the planet there are more famine, and scarcity of food s starting to become a real problem concerning each one of us; and GM has represented a solution to combat this problem.

Negative aspects seem to be more important and take us to think twice before we consume products elaborated with GM seeds, for example, I am not very into genetic, but I think it needs lot of technology, budget, and hours of work to get into a new mutant of a seed, but does it really worth it? How much can we trust in GM products?

It could be not that harmful for us to consume them, but as long as we have no information about the matter, we just assume that they are harmful for our health and start to wondering the negative consequences such as; an increase in our cancer cells, a permanent damage in the biodiversity of plants in the whole world, and least but not last we need to take into consideration the animal biodiversity that have been damaged due to the GM products.

Monsanto needs to really be worried about all of those matters and to demonstrate that they are not harming different kind of life, also it can be thought that Monsanto just concern about their financial statements, and do not care about something else but their business. 3. How should Monsanto manage the potential harm to plant and animal life from using products such as Roundup?

Monsanto should try to begin some campaigns in order to inform people about the consequences whether positive or negatives, as a result of using such products; although handling with dilemmas such as this one, company should face their problems once again and prevent people of the level of harmfulness in using product such as Roundup, no lies just tell the truth and being honest with people, because at the end of the day people are their consumers, and at least we should know the consequences of having this products in our daily life, Moreover Monsanto invest lots of money in their Research and Development department every year, so they should be used to the process of developing products, and due to this they by now they should have reduced they margin of error when taking to the market a product that could be harmful for life and environment, as I said previously Monsanto business is not an easy task because in some way every time they try a new product they are threaten against life.


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