[Solved] monitoring systems

This chapter presents the background of the study, objectives of the study, scope and limitations of the study and the significance of the study.

Nowadays, computer technology has been a great help to the improvement of one’s life. In fact, most establishments, corporations and institutions had developed their own use of such technology to help themselves work more efficiently with less time and effort, resulting in better production, profit, and a more satisfied clientele. It can perform operation and process data rapidly, accurately and reliably and by using these machines, spending a lot of time and effort in doing certain task is minimized. One example of computer technology is the creation of a computer system. A design, fit for the company’s needs as well as for the customers’. A system that will help personnel work more efficiently especially in accessing and retrieving data in and less time as possible. Monitoring system using scanner is a system that manages and monitors the attendance of a student in a certain establishment. It serves as a time log that is set up as a computerized database. It maintains a daily record of a person’s arrival and departure time from work or school. Computerized voting is a superior form of casting ballots.

It allows for fairer and faster voting. It takes many forms with different processes but how it is implemented depends on the technological facilities allocated for the elections procedure. Computerized election system (CES) is a system that uses appropriate technology to accomplish and aid such tasks as voting, counting, consolidating, canvassing, and transmission of election result, and other electoral process. In this aspect, the researchers are thinking about the better ways of improving the kind of services being utilized by the institution of the City College of Tagaytay as technology is playing a big role indeed. Adapting to those kinds of technologies is really a tough one. Through conceptualization and analysis, the researchers come up in the idea of developing Students’ log in log out system using Barcode Scanner for the institution. A system that will serve as a starting point for students enrolled in City College of Tagaytay to take advantage in a suite of commonly used information.

A maintainable system that will broaden the scope of the services being delivered by the college itself more than in campus but in a wide range of environment.

General Objective:
The general objective of the proposed system is to develop a user-friendly, consistent and convenient Students’ Log in and Log out Monitoring System using Barcode Scanner for the City College of Tagaytay as well as Computerized Election System Specific Objectives:

The proposed system has the following specific objectives:
Monitoring System
1. To create a system that will serve as the official monitoring of the students in the City College of Tagaytay. 2. To manage some of the students’ information that will reflect on the proposed system. 3. To evaluate the proposed system to ensure that it can meet the needs of the intended users.
4. To evaluate the performance of the proposed system.

Office of the Student Affairs
1. To create a system that will change the “ballot-based voting system” into a computerized voting system. 2. To create a system that will show the lists of students who voted and the list of students who did not vote. 3. To develop a system that will lessen the time of voting and the entire preparation/process. 4. To develop a system that will display the results of election automatically.

The proposed system entitled “Students’ Log in Log out Monitoring System using Barcode Scanner for the City College of Tagaytay” will comprise only the monitoring of students during their in and out as well as viewing their individual records especially personal information. The proposed study will compose only of the following users: The administrator/registrar, who has the full access in the system and who will manage the entire task pertaining to the encoding of the records of the students. The administrator/OSA, who will manage the entire task of encoding/adding the records of the candidate as well as the records of the voters. The students, for viewing their profile as they scan their IDs and for voting through computerized election system.

The students’ log in log out system can be active and then can be used upon the approval of the administration.
The system does not contain the picture of the candidates.
The overall changes happening at the institution manifests that it should adapt a new technology. Due to this, the institution itself would be greatly benefited by the proposed research study since it was aimed on the development of the students’ log in log out system using barcode scanner for City College of Tagaytay.

The proposed system will be mainly benefited by the students because it will provide information about the students. Students’ information includes
students’ personal profile.
The registrar as well as the professors will also be benefit on the proposed system since the system will comprised on the monitoring of arrival and departure of the students.

The Office of the Student Affairs is also one of the beneficiary of the proposed system since the system provides a voting screen which students can vote. It will also generate total number of votes.

Lastly, the researchers would also be benefited on this proposed system since it would then value the importance of enhancing the skills and work performance while grasping knowledge throughout the study.

This chapter presents the review of related literature necessary for the framework of the study. It also encompasses on the conceptual model of the study and the operational definitions of terms. A barcode reader (or barcode scanner) is an electronic device for reading printed barcodes. Like a flatbed scanner, it consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. Additionally, nearly all barcode readers contain decoder circuitry analyzing the barcode’s image data provided by the sensor and sending the barcode’s content to the scanner’s output port. Every school must be on its highest security and order to ensure its jurisdiction within the school premises. Schools do have students willing to learn to the extent of always attending their classes, but in reality we can’t ignore the fact that some of the students do not attend their class due to some important reason and that their parents are not aware of it. As the problem become exceedingly noticeable, the researchers aim to develop a Student Login and Logout Monitoring System using Barcode Scanner Technology that will provide and effective and accurate answer for monitoring arrival and departure.

The researchers aim to come up with the solution for a secured, fast, and accurate system that will answer the parents, faculty concerns for the students. A student monitoring system serves as a time log that is set up as a computerized database. A monitoring system maintains a daily record of a person’s arrival and departure time from work or school. The Philippines is one of many countries enjoying a democratic type of government. A democratic government is absolutely necessary and it composed of many political parties. The existence of different parties was brought about by the existence of an election wherein the political parties play an important role (Zaide, 1992). The running officials are elected nationwide. Election must be peaceful, honest and effective since we are in a democratic type of government, the voters can vote his preferable electorate. National election always encountered lots of problems which cause controversy that breaks the reputation of the electorate; some of these are ballot tampering, switching and terrorism.

These are the common problems arise during election. So, what other countries do, including one part of the Philippines, which is Mindanao is to implement a system that would lessen the said problems. They build a system that no others will complain because the results will be based on what the system will give. In City College of Tagaytay, the current system of election is done manually wherein the students will fill-up ballots. The registered official (CCT’s Character Marshall) will check the name of the said student on the master list together with his voter ID and then the election officer will give a ballot to the student. The proposed system will certainly help because the student will vote though computers. There is no ballots and ballot boxes to be used and they do not have to wait long to know the results because it is provided by the system.

This chapter presents the Project Design, Context Diagram, Data Flow Diagram, Project Development and Evaluation Procedure. PROJECT DESIGN
The research study entitled “Students’ Log in and Log out System Using Barcode Scanner” is designed to employ a real time Logging in and Logging out of the students. It also include the records of the students specially, personal information. The students, college registrar and OSA are the prospective users if the proposed study.

The proponents of the system will use Visual Basic 6.0 as the programming language and MS Access as the database.

Level 0
Figure 1. Context Diagram of the Students’ Log in and Log out System

Figure 2. Data Flow Diagram of the Students’ Log in and Log out System

Figure 3. Data Flow Diagram of the Computerized Election System

In any software development, a systematic methodology or process should be followed through the life cycle of the project to ensure consistency and completeness. The project used a method called System development Life Cycle (SDLC) which will be used to plan and manage the system’s development process.

Figure 4. Project Development Flow

The first phase of the System’s Development Life Cycle which involves the requisite information that will verify the definite plans and objectives for proposed project. It involves on building logical model of the new system. In this part, the proponents gather facts through interviews, document reviews, consulting experts and observation. Through this, the proponents resulted on the system requirements documents which will manifest the management, user requirements and prospective cost and benefits. SYSTEM ANALYSIS

The second phase of the System Development Life Cycle which involves the logical model of the system. The first requirement is the modeling where you investigate process and documents what the new system must do. The end products of the system analysis phase in the system in the system requirement documents. The system requirements documents describe management and user requirement, costs and benefits and outlines alternatives development strategies. SYSTEM DESIGN

The third phase of the System Development Life Cycle which involves on creating the blue print that will satisfy all the document requirements created in the System Analysis phase. The proponents decide on what programming languages will be used, the operating system and the hardware platform which will make the system run smoothly. Moreover, designing of internal and external controls to guarantee the system will be reliable, accurate, maintainable, and secure. SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION

The phase of the System Development Life Cycle where the program was written tested and documented. During the system implementation phase, the new system is constructed. The system implemented phase ensures that the proposed system is ready use. And it will be examined for errors and bugs and comments and suggestions will also be collected from sample users.

1. Stored the student information.
2. Print the day-to-day attendance if necessary.
3. Update the student personal information.

The proposed research study used the actual data according to the existing system. 1. Student will swipe their id as their log-in and log-out to the campus. 2. After logging in, the student will view their profile.

3. At the end of the day, the registrar can view and print the daily report. 4. Check if the result is accurate and reliable.


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