[Solved] money is the root of all evil

Yes, I agree that money is the root of all evil.

Money causes barriers between the rich and poor, make teenagers feel that money is equality to their self-worth. Money also corrupts people to go against their morals and may cause a family to break apart.Despite money being the root of evil, it is inevitable to know that it is a necessity in everyday life. Without money, survival would be difficult.

Humans need money to support themselves with regards of food, water, the need for clothing as well as setting up a place for them to live in.Handphones, bags, branded shoes and even designer stationery, the list is endless when it comes to owning trendy new goods. Bombarded by the mass media, teenagers are increasingly force fed with messages that money equals self-worth. Encouraging such unhealthy thoughts is not uncommon among youths who desire possessions and yet do not have the means to get them.

When taken to the extreme, such attitude can result in a teenager resorting to theft and extortion, which results in juvenile delinquency. Money corrupts people to go against their morals.Sadly to say, people do judge themselves and others based on possessions. It all points to one thing – money.

If you have the means to afford the branded, you are considered more acceptable to your peers as you are of a higher status. Thus, many teenagers seek after wealth to achieve the sense of belonging they wanted to be accepted in a crowd.Money also causes the barriers between the rich and poor. If you are a rich and prominent businessman, you would be disgusted to mix around in the company of the lower status, for example, a hawker centre uncle.

Mixing around with the lower status projects an image of you being low-class and poor, and somehow tells about your mannerism. Nobody wants to be judged that way. Thus, if given a choice, the rich would try to stay away as much from the poor. The poor are also not accepted in the ‘rich’ social circle, thus they would stay in their social circle.

A barrier is formed in between.Moreover, there is also the importance of money in a relationship. Most girls are seeking for a life of luxury she had dreamed of since young. People would like to avoid the burden of money when married.

Thus, those who are financially weaker may be left on the shelves for they are not able to indulge what a girl hankered after for. Love may conquer all, but money is inevitably a factor as well.Money is also the leading problem in a family. If the needs of a family are not met because of insufficient finance, disputes might break out if the bond of the family is not strong enough to work together to solve the problem.

The wife would break out complaining, and due to the frequent nagging, the breadwinner might break down in the need to bring in more bread. The problems lead on and the couple would decide to separate and continue with their lives separately. If there are children involved in the situation, money would be a greater sin for broken families are never good for children to cope with.However, money can also be put to good use as they can be donated to the poor to help them cope with their life.

Ultimately, money would be inarguably the most important factor in human existence. Although it may stir up more troubles than peace, it is a necessity in every day life for survival.


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