[Solved] money is a good servant but a bad master

Ladies and gentlemen. Dear honorable judges. It is my honor to participate in this speaking competition and share my opinions about the topic budget for life with you. To give a simple but precise definition, to budget means you may make a specific plan for using money. “Personal budget” is a phrase, to a great extent, made for most so-called middle-class. Because this group of people are neither too poor to have money to plan nor so rich that they don’t have to care where their money has been spent.

Middle-class people can have limited surplus after buying daily necessities, so they have space and freedom to make a blueprint of their small property. Well, before going deep into the subject, I want to talk about two kinds of people around me in daily life first. The former kind of people is regular customer to banks. Holding the idea that only if with enough savings in hand, people can have the right to live decently, these people deposit most income into banks.

They think twice before using every penny and always believe that “thrift is not only a great virtue, but also a great revenue”. They are wrapped up in accumulating money all the day, but hardly have cheers in life. The other kind of people I want to talk about are those whose figures always show up in different consumption places. Adhering to the motto “Enjoy the pleasure of life here and now”, these people spend all the money they earn every month buying stuffs from a sudden impulse.

Credit cards are their best friends. Taking “On my credit card! ” as pet phrase, they buy goods much more than they can afford without noticing the fact that they have to pay all that back someday. Consequently, most of these people are knee deep in debts and live as so-called moonlight clan or cardslaves. Neither of the two styles above is ideal way of using money. Because both this two kinds of people land themselves in a passive position in the face of money. Money is a good servant, but a bad master.

We should take a good control of money and use it as a kind of tool that makes our lives more satisfying. Here, one good way for you is to budget for life. Making a detailed budget helps us divide our income into reasonable parts for uses. On the basis of the amount of money you earn every month, you can make a small list of different amount of money that you are going to use in different ways, like money for daily life, for savings, for emergencies, for occasional trips, maybe, or for investment.

You can totally act as a proud master who directs his servants with facility and live with everything in perfect order. I cannot ensure that budget can make your life the best one, but a budget can surely make your life better Ladies and gentlemen, I want to repeat it again, money is a good servant, but a bad master. Budget helps you take the initiative and be the one who live with money, but not the one who live just for money.


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