[Solved] mistermcoursework case

 1. It is not an exaggeration to say that a sociological perspective is indeed essential for all fields and disciplines because it assists in our understanding of society. For corporate executives, a sociological perspective is crucial in analyzing the behavior, attitude and inclinations of consumers.

It may also help the corporate executive understand the flow of the market in relation to the cultural leanings of the populace. For a teacher, a sociological perspective is important especially during her/his discussions in the classroom. By understanding the sociological background of her/his students (i.e.

their class, disposition, hobbies, etc), the teacher will be able to think of creative ways to present the lesson and even bond with his/her students In the field of medicine, a sociological perspective will help in making medical professionals understand the cause behind certain diseases or ailments. Are these ailments or diseases caused by the social class of the patient, or have these got to do with the poor environmental condition the patient lives in?A sociological perspective is essential in giving a medical professional a contextual idea of the patient and his/her particular ailment or disease. For social workers, a sociological perspective is needed especially when they are conducting research for a particular community or area they want to study or help. By understanding the background of an area, they will be able to think of effective ways on how to handle the community and the diverse people in it.

2. African culture is interesting if only for its multifarious facets. But for a Westerner like me, its interesting aspect depends more on the fact that it is vastly different from what I have been used to all my life. Apart from the colorful music and dances, I am hooked into their belief in the supernatural.

The African belief in spirits and other creatures of nature has probably made them more attached to their surroundings. This is one aspect of African culture that I want to be incorporated in our society. As a highly-industrialized country, the US often forgets about our responsibility to the environment. It is good to know though that the campaign for a greener world is increasingly becoming heard.

3. I remember that the process of socialization, as least for me, has been quite difficult. When I was young, obeying what my parents told me to do was fairly easy. However, when I started to grow older, I have begun forming my own conceptions and ideas of how to handle myself and surrounding.

But often, I am under the grip of the disciplinary processes in schools and at home. I realized that I cannot just do whatever I want. That most of the time, I have to put in mind what my teachers and parents have to say. When I become a parent or professional someday, I will still discipline my children and/or students but I will also let them have more room for freedom of choice.

4. One stereotype in our society that I think has to be changed is our view of Muslims and the Middle East. Since the September 11 attacks, it seems to me that the vilification of the Muslims has worsened. Now, the word Muslim has been equated with the word terrorist.

I believe this is one instance among many that we should adopt a sociological perspective. We have to contextualize the September 11 attacks in order not to generalize the Muslim people under a certain stereotype.5. I want to use the topic of racism for my final paper.

I think that even though we claim that we are a very liberal country, racism still exists prevalently in our society. For my study, I will try to problematize how new kinds of racism have been generated after the September 11 attacks. This I think is important in a supposedly multicultural country like the US where many Muslims live.


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